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3DsMax Bevel questions

AshkaelAshkael0 Posts: 0Member
Hi, I want to bevel a complex polygon that goes around a corner with the local normal setting, to achieve the same distance on both sides of the corner. With simple polygons this usually works well, but when I have a complex greeble the normal directions of specific faces of the polygon seems to point in different directions sometimes. How can I fix this?
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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish3497 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,514Member
    A picture says a thousand words, in other words a image of your issue would help greatly in order to determine the issue.
    I suspect though that it is non 90deg adjoining edges. IE crossing edges to the ones you want to chamfer/bevel. So my answer will relate to that.


    You can see it here where I have a even rectangle with a angled loop in the center and how it is uneven.


    Trick around this is to somehow produce the final edges to the chamfer above and below the targeted edges. Be this loop connecting manually cutting or other foolery then removing the edges you wanted chamfered. As for getting there with your specific object the situation or solution will change. IE you have to fake it out or remove the "non square to" edges.


    Example of foolery by making the adjoining area square it bevels evenly. This is often a trick I use on panels windows or other complex geo that often results in all of these bleh non right angles to the edge I want to work on.


    This I do suspect is a max thing so it might not apply to other apps as I really have only seen those using max complain about this including me.
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