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ST Beyond Trailer

oldmangregoldmangreg126 Woodland Hills, CAPosts: 1,330Member
edited August 2016 in General Discussion #1
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  • Chris2005Chris2005336 Posts: 2,815Member
    I really enjoy the trailer, despite not understanding almost a word said in it. :lol:

    I also really hope the exterior CG shots look dodgy because of the wonky color grading that's present...
  • FreakFreak343 Posts: 3,205Member
    Here is the trailer in English
  • stfanboystfanboy67 Posts: 388Member
    That was very bad. So bad in fact that it's almost laughable. Well I guess we can look forward to Axanar. :mad:
  • IRMLIRML176 Posts: 0Member
    looks great to me
  • TALON_UKTALON_UK0 Posts: 0Member
    Quite liked it myself. Well they had me with their opening one two salvo. Beastie Boys (An awesome choice to score your first trailer for a Trek movie because it is so unexpected, gives a statement of intent that this is gonna be different), and blowing the crap out of that ugly J.J. Enterprise, good riddance. As much as I love J.J.'s work that starship redesign was a serious misstep, so be gone from my eyes. Here's hoping the new redesign will be something more aligned with the classic lines of TMP version of that ship while still delivering something new and unique.

    Then they also had the key character moments, McCoy with Spock in a sticky situation stating "At least I won't die alone." Followed by Spock dematerializing was priceless. It looks interesting from a plot perspective from what we can see here too. With the Enterprise gone the crew have to fend for themselves, and it looks like a lot of other aliens are in the same boat too. And then you have swarm spaceship attacks, what's not to love there? And what better way to attack the larger bulkier craft of this universe than with essentially manned reusable torpedoes? Genius. They should look really striking in combat in big battle sequences, looks like this entry in the series is definitely going to shake things up a bit, and hopefully from the look of all the new stuff in there, won't be a retread of an existing Trek episode or story line. It looks like Trek IS going beyond indeed. I'm certainly on board for the ride.

    ....After I've seen the new Star Wars like a hundred times, obviously.

  • FreakFreak343 Posts: 3,205Member
    yeah it does look like they are finally doing their own thing.
    I know it only the trailer but that Beastie Boys song has already been used in JJ first Trek film where you seen a Young Kirk in the stolen car. So it hopefully something different in the film.
    As for this trailer it look like more of the same as the ST:XI and Into Darkness, just a Star Wars wanabe.
    At least with Simon Pegg writing the humour should be good.
  • Chris2005Chris2005336 Posts: 2,815Member
    I just hope there's more Enterprise theme music in this movie... when we see the Enterprise for the first time, we should get a nice Enterprise theme music.
  • japetusjapetus2 Posts: 0Member
    UGH, hated the trailer. Maybe ILM got too busy with Star Wars so they were like "let's base it on a planet to save on costs!" j/k. I dunno I must be getting old cuz I just don't like this new brash sassy Star Trek much. I've seen the last 2 in theaters and left going "meh, it was ok" each time. I'm sure there's an audience there somewhere though.
  • I heard their budget is severely limited on this one, that's probably why it's planet based.

    As for the trailer itself, it's nothing but action, effects and explosions with little indication as to what (if any) plot the film has. It doesn't look like a Star Trek film at all to me. Though, that's what happens when the idiotic studio says "Let's make it less Star Trek and more Marvel." :rolleyes: Plus, they hired an action director to take the reigns.
  • IRMLIRML176 Posts: 0Member
    but on the plus side it's written by simon pegg, who is a proper fan, and he has said the trailer isn't representative of the film
  • ArmondikovArmondikov0 Posts: 0Member
    IRML wrote: »
    but on the plus side it's written by simon pegg, who is a proper fan, and he has said the trailer isn't representative of the film

    Reassuring. As it currently looks like a completely inappropriate director just spaffed all over it.
  • IRML wrote: »
    but on the plus side it's written by simon pegg

    That's the only reason I still plan to see it.

    Though, unfortunately, Pegg was also limited by what the studio would let him do with it. From what I understand, he had very strict guidelines.
  • DeksDeks181 Posts: 206Member
    IRML wrote: »
    but on the plus side it's written by simon pegg, who is a proper fan, and he has said the trailer isn't representative of the film

    I should hope so.
    Though I think the trailer was made in a manner that was supposed to reflect 'action' to captivate the attention of potential audiences.
  • Chris2005Chris2005336 Posts: 2,815Member
    Yea, I'm banking the first full trailer will be far more story-line driven... this trailer was more like a long teaser than an actual full on theatrical trailer. Of course, the MPAA evidently mandates that theatrical trailers be no longer than two minutes and thirty seconds... and this trailer was little more than half that.
  • bosunbosun61 Posts: 0Member
    How long was that preview trailer for STID? It couldn't have been two and a half minutes; it seemed to drag on forever and a day until I was wondering if I was watching the wrong movie.
  • bosun wrote: »
    How long was that preview trailer for STID? It couldn't have been two and a half minutes; it seemed to drag on forever and a day until I was wondering if I was watching the wrong movie.

    You mean the one that was literally the first nine minutes of the film? It did drag on forever. Unfortunately, the rest of the film wasn't any better.
  • bosunbosun61 Posts: 0Member
    Yeah, that's the one. Was it really 9 minutes? It felt like it was that long; I'm just amazed that theaters would be willing to show a trailer that long. They're all about getting paying butts in and out of seats as fast as they can.
  • wibblewibble171 Posts: 0Member
    Well actually I think it is a good trailer. It says everything that is important about the reboot films. Especially that last line by Kirk pretty much nailed it.
  • SanderleeSanderlee0 Posts: 0Member
    Not to start a flame war, but it can hardly be worse than the last one.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1800 Posts: 0Member
    Sanderlee wrote: »
    Not to start a flame war, but it can hardly be worse than the last one.

    Yeah, I've been thinking that too.
  • FreakFreak343 Posts: 3,205Member
    I read that Simon Pegg is not impressed with the trailer either.
    He went on to say that the it misses the fact that this film will be closer to TOS than the last two films. But the Powers that Be over at Paramount pushed for the trailer to be all action and no substance.

    Even though Pegg is a Fan of the franchise and has written this film it still does not give me hope it going to be a good film.
    we already know that Paramount gave he a set of rules to follow when writing this film and we know that they don't give a crap about the Fan that are putting the money into the pockets. (Star Trek is still the biggest TV franchise out there making a **** load of money. ***Yes Star Wars make more but I talking TV here not films.*** Though most of the mechanise money now goes to CBS as they hold the right for that.) Just look at what they are trying to do with ANAXAR and not listening to what the fans want.
  • ComcoComco276 Posts: 1,228Administrator
    Funny what a different soundtrack and editor can do.

    Here's what Pegg had to say about the the trailer that was released -
    I didn't love it, because I know there's a lot more to the film. There's a lot more story, and a lot more character stuff, and a lot more what I would call 'Star Trek stuff.'

    I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Although, that shot with Scotty waking up in time to leap out of an escape pod and onto a cliff ledge he didn't even know existed has got to be Star Trek's atomic fridge moment. Feels more Fast and Furious than Trek to me. :-/
  • Draco_AstreusDraco_Astreus0 Posts: 0Member
    Soooooo I could't find a freaking current thread for Star Trek: Beyond?! Very strange... Anyway, I saw the film last night and was very impressed. Had found the trailer underwhealming but was pleasantly surprised with the actual film. The starship action was good... Pretty fond of the NX-style ship that appeared (fun to see an in-between evolution step of the starships from Enterprise to JJ ST), and the stuff on the planet was not at all the boring mess I thought it was going to be. The space station was also very cool... despite how un-Trek it seemed. I've found myself looking past the un-Trek-ness of the new films since the first one, I suppose from how well-done the new atmosphere is. I sort of accept it as long as I keep the two timelines separate in my mind (and, damnit, the timelines were obviously divergent prior to the entrance of the Narada!).

    Aaaaand... I thought ST: Beyond was going to be the last of the new films but it turns out there will at least be a 4th! Pleased the the new cast will have more screentime.
  • PixelMagicPixelMagic187 Posts: 552Member
    As someone who found Star Trek 2009 very meh and Into Darkness awful, I thought Beyond was great. No, it's not quite old slow paced Star Trek, but we were never going to get that. For being an action movie, it still feels like Trek. I like it alot. Pretty kick ass ship designs as well. Beyond should have been the sequel to Star Trek 2009 instead of Into Darkness.
  • Chris2005Chris2005336 Posts: 2,815Member
    I really like Beyond...
    Not too fond of the -A design. As far as how the nacelles are placed on the pylons, I think the front of the nacelles are too close to the pylons.
    I like the post-ID refit over the original design too.
  • trekkitrekki200 Posts: 732Member
    I like the new movie. Lots of action, but it is now probably so.
    CGI super.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]0 Posts: 4,002Member
    A surprise attack in outer space forces the Enterprise to crash-land on a mysterious world. The assault came from Krall (Idris Elba), a lizard-like dictator who derives his energy by sucking the life out of his victims. Krall needs an ancient and valuable artifact that's aboard the badly damaged starship.
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