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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish5104 BurntforniaPosts: 4,726Member
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    Took a few bleah feeling days off. . . . lol and started some of the conversions. First up is the Lovell. I really wanted to just convert the Daedalus over then add in the lovell parts as replacements but it seems that is not going to work as I just modeled new crap onto many of the parts. [snip]

    Anyhow some nacelle bits. . . . NO real Lovell uglies just yet. Materials are rough as I will tune most of the common ones once I complete the conversion. Stuff like hull A and Hull B parts that create physical aztecs on the hull are not tuned well and have the same mapping obscuring the effect even more.
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    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish5104 BurntforniaPosts: 4,726Member
    Nacelles done, just the bussard guts to go and those will wait until I finish the rest of the ship. Limited material slots means it is a pain to do all the "bulbs" as I will give up 5 slots and then will have to resample and risk "copying" materials. Max will randomly instance or COPY a material if the latter happens and I adjust it it wont affect the copies. Also final caps are not in place either as I do not think the old trick of multiple glass domes will work in vray as things do not seem to trace past the first dome. EG get that matte look and diffusion I want for the inner domes with the glossy finish. If I do just one object with glossy surface it diminishes some of the diffuse "frosting" effect. Refract glossiness just does not give the same effect of a reflection glossiness setting.

    Still having issues with reflectance in vray. Using a hdri so it should be kicking any reflective material but it seems to just not work or some setting is not set right or as I expect it to. Stuff is either "flat paint" or super bloomy spec bombs.
    oops ignore the whiteish glows behind the ball things, wrong material.

    yeah definitely something off even rendering with a large white plane below them gets very little bounce, even using a light gizmo there is not much going on.
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • BolianAdmiralBolianAdmiral810 Torrance, CaliforniaPosts: 2,246Member
    Nice nacelles.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish5104 BurntforniaPosts: 4,726Member
    Messing with the dirt shader to do some edge rust effect. The milk can top is gone nuts and this is the same material you see on the neck however the shader is confined to those edges and not so obvious. Have to say id love for it to look like the milk cap cause than I can use a texture mask to make it very uneven. I think what it wants is a long 90deg face to another large face before it would do anything.


    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • VALKYRIE013VALKYRIE013498 Posts: 1,459Member
    Looking good.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish5104 BurntforniaPosts: 4,726Member
    Vray dirt just does not gather like the mental ray AO shader does, most of the hull donkey marks are all not so visible as they are not highlighted unless the light hits them just right. Might have to do a alpha mask paint job on it or least on some key areas and map a grime or scorch ID to certian areas of the ship. Probably wont do that right away though.
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
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