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Why I like Battlestar Galactica......

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Someone pointed out to me in a obvious it is..that I really like BSG.

Thought I would jot down a couple of reasons why.Make a post and see what happens.

There are many many reasons...and my reply seems to be a good start.
I have posted many times and in many threads on why I like BSG...
.....but this is a good summation/summary.

May be interesting to see others here are a few of mine.

it is the result of being less stellar than Star Wars..11-12 yrs old..and having season 2 cancelled.

And some of the Scifi aspects..but the story....a Human Exodus..a Journey to far away and unknown places..and more and what really got me then,, was..they were coming here.

and....asks...Are we a race worth saving?

Appreciate any one else's inputs or reasons or even dislikes.


Some more....

Story of survival and facing the possibility of annihilation and extinction.Story of hope..that we are worthy.
That there may be others who ,like us,,struggling to cope.
That humans may indeed advance enough to explore the heavens.
Are we worthy? ready?
And what will happen if they did arrive here.....this one has been stuck in my mind since season 2 was cancelled.....

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  • RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
    Classic good vs evil..only good and evil is Humanity itself.
    Adama and Apollo...(tos) being of good nature and character and wisdom,,while another human is opposite(Baltar).
    Humanity being what it is and struggling to be what it would like to be.
    then you throw in its just a perfect platform to
    tell stories that relate in so many aspects to these things.
    --Richard Hatch was so right about BSG--
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