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1/6 Scale Millennium Falcon

This is insane. First we have the Hot Toys 1/6 scale Millennium Falcon Cockpit diorama (basically to scale with 12 inch figures), which is incredibly detailed, and an ideal reference source for anyone planning on building the Falcon interior. Here's a vid:

That is when things get really mental, at a Hong Kong toy fair they produced a 1/6 scale exhibition piece of the entire Millennium Falcon to wow audiences and promote their cockpit model I guess, and at 18 feet long and perfectly to scale with the 12 inch figures as ably illustrated by the dozens of Stormtrooper figures milling around the vessel, wow the audience is exactly what it does, this looks pretty damned awesome.

...And yes, those are 1/6 scale TIE Fighters flanking the thing, they alone look over six feet tall. God knows how much they must retail for. This exhibit is just chock full of win.

Impressive, most impressive.


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