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(Blender 3D) Shape Key not working?

Posted this on the Blender Artists forums as well, but sometimes I don't always get an answer there so am hoping someone here might also know the answer.

I am working on a new project that involves the destruction of a planet, basically I am modeling the inside of this destroyed world and am using a shape key along with a displacement modifier so I can create jagged peaks, broken mountains, and basically a lot of hazards for a ship or anything to really go through.

However, I've encountered a problem, when using the addon: Corrective Shape Keys, along with the 'create duplicate for editing', which is only active when that addon is active, it makes my chosen mesh really small, requiring me to resize it. In short, it throws the newly created mesh to the 'center point' of the project while at the same time changing its size.

In this project I have a lot of objects around, and they are all at the proper sizes that I wanted, is there a way to apply these displacement changes with a shape key 'without' it making the mesh so tiny?
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