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Mars One - The future human Mars Colony project...

HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,020Member
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Human Settlement on Mars

Mars One will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Crews of four will depart every two years, starting in 2024. Our first unmanned mission will be launched in 2018. Join the Global Mars One Community and participate in...

Any thoughts on this?

Would you go?
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  • count23count23359 Posts: 777Member
    Been saying they had to do something like this for years now. Good to see it's happening. I wonder if they'll ever make a proper thriving colony... Either way, it'll be fascinating.
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  • AresiusAresius359 Posts: 4,169Member
    I agree with Nad. I've been hoping that something like this would begin.

    Partially, I'm sad not to have volunteered to join, but then again, leaving Earth just when i'm about to found a family would be pretty bad.... Maybe my children will emigrate to Mars....
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