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3DUSS Dumaont2 in C4D

trekkitrekki321 Posts: 861Member
edited February 2015 in Finished Work #1
Hi all,
here is the USS Dumont 2 in C4D. Thanks medjai for this fantastic object.
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  • TralfazTralfaz210 Posts: 740Member
    Awww... you beat me to it trekki! Anyway, medjai's model came out fantastic in C4D. Was there much tweaking involved or did the .FBX come in without any problems?
  • trekkitrekki321 Posts: 861Member
    No problems with FBX. The textures makes problems. Read the mail.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_180996 Posts: 9,109Member
    Wow, that looks great. It must have imported into C4D more cleanly than it did in Ligthwave. It's not bad in LW, just a few minor issues that I still need to fix. Mostly, nonplanar faces, which LW doesn't like.
  • trekkitrekki321 Posts: 861Member
    It is the object now by "Foundation 3D" for download in FBX format and C4D.
    Have fun with it ...
  • medjaimedjai0 Posts: 0Member
    Hei trekkie, good work with the conversion. was great. I saw just a small problem in texture of the escape rotate 90 degree.:thumb::thumb::)
  • trekkitrekki321 Posts: 861Member
    Hi medjai,
    Ok, I probably slept :confused:, THANK YOU.
  • Bmused55Bmused55177 Posts: 486Member
    Interesting take on the Oberth class. Hopefully with some of the scaling issues sorted?

    Might have to MSD this one!
  • angelrivangelriv0 Posts: 0Member
    nice design... I love the little details like the scenes in the windows.
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