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STARTREKAUSTRALIA (.com) Im Thinking Bout Getting The Band Back Together - DEVILMAN

Hey All, some of you old-timers may remember me (Devilman) and my once-glorious site that dissapeared into the cybervoid about a decade or so ago... :devil:

(My domain name got nicked by an advertising site, havent been able to get it back..),
Anyhoo, I was thinking about getting her back online, so if anyone has suggestions on a good, cheap place to HOST the sucker, i'd appreciate any input.

She runs at about 5GIG, is chocked full of Images and Meshes (although they'd be old-school meshes these days! (Maybe some are rare...?),
In its prime, I was getting 3 MILLION hits a month, so traffic tended to crash servers back in the day.

All I have for now is the FACEBOOK PAGE with the images stashed on it. (Andy Hodges),
If there's enough interest, I'll put her back up, then update her with latest models etc.. :),
Anyhoo, glad to be back in the Scifi-meshes zone, drop us a friend request if ya like.

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