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3DFeedback welcome on Mech designs for Kit/Gaming Miniature

indianna500indianna5003 Posts: 0Member
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Hello all,

We are in the process of putting together a kickstarter for a collectible kit and/or miniature for tabletop gaming. We are here to get you guys involved and give us some useful feedback on these our first pass ideas at a Mecha/Vehicle

Our initial aim is to produce a 3D printed kit, modular build, with a range of accessories, weapons, add-ons etc to make your choice as customizable as possible.

At this stage we haven't decided on 15mm or 28mm, but we would like to go as large as we could to carry across some serious detailing in the print

Attached are our first passes; very loose ideas, and we would appreciate opinions and feedback from you guys as to which you find the most appealing.. which aren't and why ? Are we swimming against the tide by not going for the standard Mechwarrior blocky design or are you guys crying out for something a bit more steampunk, outlandish and exotic?
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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801842 Posts: 9,995Member
    A, B and C I love. Those all have great armoring to them and A and B have a retro look to the details that I love. C looks like it follows a similar design progression, but is more advanced. I'm not crazy about D, the open cockpit and lack of armoring on parts of the legs and arms seem like they'd cause problems. (enemy mechs could just blast the legs out from under it and then kill the pilot once the mech is on the ground) E is badass, I love the big guns and missile launchers. Though, what is the purpose of the cables hanging down in between the legs? Like the unarmored legs on C, that seems like something the enemy could easily destroy. F and G both look good and look like variations of E and they also suffer from the cable issue.

    That's my two cents. All of the drawings look great from an artistic standpoint. :)
  • wibblewibble171 Posts: 0Member
    Well Mechs are a difficult thing to do. While the overall idea of walking mechs is a pretty cool thing I find the most designs out there ridiculous. Won't say that it is the same with your designs nor that it isn't. I like D pretty much. Reminds me much of Maschinenkrieger. Although I agree with evil that the open cockpit and the legs could be a problem in combat but then again I don't know what it's purpose. Could be some kind of scout vehicle like those chicken walkers we have seen in Episode III and the clone wars. In that case I guess it would be optimized more for speed than for combat.
  • StormcloudStormcloud1 Posts: 0Member
    gotta ask were you watching austin powers when you did B =) lol
  • indianna500indianna5003 Posts: 0Member
    @Stormcloud. like any hetero guy I love the Fembot. I wonder why no one has ever tried making a distinctly female mech?, its a strength issue I am sure, does it look massive and menacing ?. Its a design challenge and I will be playing with further ideas to feminise the Mecha more.

    Glad people are posting their thoughts, its very much an open field at the moment and the more comments the ideas get the easier it will develop. it is as we suspected that everyone has an idea of what works best, these usually aren't the most unique looking based on our understanding of existing technologies, Robotech, gundam etc, Personally I am more intrigued by the recenet popularity of the more eclectic ideas such as the Japanese take on alternative whermacht kit, Maschinen Krieger . I agree the legs on D are pretty flimsy but check some of the legs out on the Maschinen Krieger kits, ridiculous but its an aesthetitc, I did steer D in that direction and its nice to see someone pick up on it. I will be posting this to as many other sites related to the subject as I can to get the broadest feedback. We want to have a successful kickstarter out of this and the broader the feedback the better our chance of that.

    Keep those comments coming, all welcome.
  • spacefighterspacefighter1 Posts: 0Member
    F, with the cannons, is perhaps the best but C1 is also a nice concept. C1 and C look like they might be "the next step up" from an exoskeleton and are both fairly refined and sleek in shape. F looks more appropriate as a pure robot. the more steampunk and outlandish designs look as though they might not be able to stand up as a kit unless some lumps of lead were placed in the feet.
  • indianna500indianna5003 Posts: 0Member
    @spacefighter, Thanks, I think if we went with D it would have metal piping for the legs and a hollowed out hull, a lot of these kind of delicate kits use metals as well as the plastic and resin so its still an option. Making a note of it and it seems to be an even split so far.
  • KilminsterKilminster0 Posts: 0Member
    While E and F look good from an aesthetic standpoint but as with many later Mechwarrior models I can't help wondering where the ammo for all those big weapons is stored.
    As for B and D, it depends on the technical direction you want to take. If you are aiming for a kinid of alternative WWII technology then those two are good representations. If you are more aiming at a fusion powered Mechwarrior-like technology, then those two look rather outdated.

    Apart from the Ammo-Question F and G have a nice menacing look. With a fairly low center of gravity you might want to design these two as heavy combat units. A and C on the other hand with a rather tall figure and able to taker longer steps (or jumps with the jetpacks) might be a good scouting vehicle or can be used in very uneven terrain.

    As some of the others I have questions about the cables dangling around. I would eliminate these on F and G because they don't really make sense on a vehicle that is intended to move in enemy fire unless they are for some kind of "use up" process I can't think of right now.
  • AresiusAresius350 Posts: 4,151Member
    A, C1, E, and F are my favs. They look most like serious mechs that could put a dent in your health insurance.
    B looks more like a supply-tank mech that got bastardised into a battle mech.
    D/D1... Meh, open cockpit, not a good idea, not even for a light scout.
    And G reminds me to the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
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