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Desktop stream or capturing software

MadKoiFishMadKoiFish8099 Posts: 5,074Member
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Well I will start this thread with a post from elsewhere. What I am doing is looking for a video stream or capturing software that will do 1920X1200 or 1920X1080 with no scaling. If I have to scale I want it to be HQ not what I got from the Procaster from Livestream which was HORRIBLE. It looked like I up-scaled a 240p video to 1080p.
Testing desktop capturing software. Looking for a full frame or at least a 1080p full frame capturing software. So that I can show the ui and what I do within max easier. This one camstudio sadly is loaded with ****ware but it can do some decent work as raw video with it's own codec issue is how easy will these vids be to edit?

As you can see or read in the comment the app is not perfect it seems to drop a buttload of frames. Though maybe that is my playback of the codec it uses? I have to verify the vid myself but one bonus of this app is it takes near nothing to process when uploaded to youtube. Only thing left is to test it for length. It seems to record the data to hdd, sadly default is to my fing SSD so I have to change that, though ssd means less drop or issues of processing on load but it DOES wear the SSD. Though my hdds should be fast enough to not cause a issue, SHOULD be. lol

Anyhow per frame it looks nice the text is clear and there is no codec blur from low keyframing etc. IE look for menus that pop on anf off no ghosting no arrant puky pixels.

Unfortunately I might have to keep looking because that framerate is a bit annoying.

OK wireframe modo makes a bloody mess. heh doubt anything web stream will survive that. Think the codec has some sort of auto sharpening as some things are really over crisp. Anyhow pretty good for a FREE app if you ignore the ****ware/mallware that TRIES to install.
So anyhow. . . if anyone knows of software let me know I am looking for clean fast and lightweight. IE wont argue with 3dsmax.
Goal is to do what I have been, videos of me working but later on when I find a premier replacement is to edit these down as a build log and possible tutorials down the road. Of course Ill be doing 2d crap and maybe 2d tuts too if there is demand for it.

Lemme know what you think is more important clarity smoothness full screen? ( I still have to see if youtube will accept 16X10 I doubt it as it will likely just scale it down thus turning it into puke and adding bars.) Some of these apps do have a auto pan feature I have avoided this since I think it would make for a lot of shake as I dot about on the screen. In max the viewport control buttons are in the bottom right so each time I go to those itll jerk over there.

Is the live stream something that would be missed vs just me doing my thing then uploading to youturd? I know I do not advert the livestream much but I do not see many in it. THOUGH I do not schedule it at all I just run it when I have time to model.
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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish8099 Posts: 5,074Member
    Well 1200p version. Dunno went pretty fast at youtube so it might have survived. As to how itll play back on the majority of 1080 screens out there is unknown as I refuse to own one.

    Ok it looks like it survived but you have to load up 1440p and itll display full screen on my 1200p screens. eww the green text bleeds a lot lol. Yeah 1080p selection is a blurfest.

    Opinions on this? Should I go with 1200p my native or just let it crop?
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish8099 Posts: 5,074Member
    Ok this one is a real test as it is a large file and a drawing session to see how smooth the video is. I have a feeling it wont work well for this. I have to also see if it is a codec thing or the software itself.
    seemed to hang on processing a bit but ehhhh. I am going to see what the raw avi will do uploaded to youtube as I found where it was putting crap. Though I have moved it OFF the SSD. sheesh 400~2gigs write ugh.

    anyhow it does look pretty good as playback on my pc vs through youtube so far. The framerate isnt too bad.
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  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,020Member

    I can personally recommend EZvid (The first one), and I understand Webinaria is a good one too.
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