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Realistic Phaser FX in After Effects

Chris2005Chris2005352 Posts: 2,979Member
edited February 2014 in Tutorials #1

Using 2 tricks I learned, I combine them into one video...



Daniel Broadway:
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  • nightfevernightfever235 Posts: 539Member
    Great, I always did my phasers in C4d, but with your tut I'll give it a try in AE. I have not watched it yet, is it for animations or stills?
  • nightfevernightfever235 Posts: 539Member
    Followed the tut yesterday and I will definitely use this for the future. And I am thinking about an easy way to add an extra particle flow from source to target.

    One question: When you do a phaser for a moving source and/or target, how do you track them so they match the rendered footage? My idea was to set up a null object at the source and target point in the 3D app and transport them over to AE.
  • Chris2005Chris2005352 Posts: 2,979Member
    I normally use lights exported out of 3ds max into AE.

    I believe C4D has this capability built-in?

    Or one could be meticulous and key frame the beam's start and end points frame-by-frame...
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