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3DWear a ring, carry a lantern.

Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
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Had to trash the whole message to change the header image, so I'll just say this is a new red lantern meant to be better than my first one.
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  • colbmistacolbmista2 Posts: 0Member
    Greens are better :p they have that cool aya ship
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    Reds now have a cooler ship.

    They also have a super cat.


    BTW, if you think the green lantern animated ship is so cool


    why don't you make one? It doesn't look that hard to do. In fact with some decent metal and luminous textures you could probably improve it. As it it looks like plastic, and I know it mght be an advanced Oan tech super material, but it still looks plastic.

    Now the red lanterns ship will be a bitch to make even if they ever do enough views of it to get a good design going.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804255 Posts: 11,034Member
    Cool. I remember your old lantern. I'm looking forward to seeing how you improve it. :)
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    Mostly I want to do a red metal texture, GET RID OF THE DAMN CREASES ON THE BACK, and possibly redo the design a little.
  • colbmistacolbmista2 Posts: 0Member
    Yes that was the ship I was talking about would look cool in red lantern colors as well I would make it but I don't have a computer as mine has died on Me and have no money to get one as I have no job stupid economy.
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    colbmista wrote: »
    Yes that was the ship I was talking about would look cool in red lantern colors as well I would make it but I don't have a computer as mine has died on Me and have no money to get one as I have no job stupid economy.

    I sincerely sympathize with your plight and am sorry you can't get a computer going. Believe me I share your hate of the economy.
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    In an effort to get back on topic, here's a test I'm doing of the initial steps of doing my new red lantern. I traced the symbol and shrinkwrapped it to a sphere on the belief if it works on a sphere it'll work on most surfaces I plan to use it on.


    I'm not sure of it's right yet, sometimes the symbol looks perfect, sometimes it looks like there are distortions in it, but I can't quite seem to nail them down mostly.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804255 Posts: 11,034Member
    Some errors only appear in certain lighting, that could be what you're experiencing.
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    Any tips on how to spot them?
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    Current model. The big symbol on the front is just to test it and shrinkwrapping it to the lantern. Would I be better off using that trick McC showed me how to do in his thoughtful tutorial? The shrinkwrap does work if you get the settings right. Would that other bit work with a complex shape like this?

    Also the big symbol is a placeholder for the opening of the lantern.

    I'm making this one less elaborate than my first one, most lanterns were less elaborate that my first one. Also most red lanterns didn't carry lanterns at all.

    I will use the same handle I had before, it looked fine.

  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804255 Posts: 11,034Member
    That's looking great. :)
    Any tips on how to spot them?

    Yeah, you pretty much just have to move the camera around so that the lights are hitting the model at different angles. I use a solid 3D render display to do this in Lightwave. If I see what looks like it could be a problem, I render at that spot to confirm.
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    BTW, can someone tel me how to change my thread title pic again? I have a nicer image now to use.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804255 Posts: 11,034Member
    Edit the first post and change the first attachment.
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    Here's the new front aperture. I must say that the boolean command in the latest blender, 2.69, sure seemed to work a hell of a lot better than the last time I used it.


    I suppose a lens is next, I hope if you squash down a sphere enough to make it look like a lens those damn distortions at the poles go away. I also need to put a black background behind the symbols. I may try using a boolean to cut a circle inside the symbol so I can add a black material to it.

    I wanted to add some detail without distorting the basic shape so I added grooves and insets to the body and the lens housing. I hope it's worth looking at.
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    Here's the full sized image, you can see some more detail at the sides.
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    I'm almost done with the lantern, now I just need to start trying to be a lighting effect. I was wondering if I should try to figure out the compositing node to get volumetric and glare effects or wait for blender 2.70...
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804255 Posts: 11,034Member
    That probably depends on what improvements 2.7 is supposed to bring. ;)

    The lantern looks great.
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    Anyone know what blender 2.7 is supposed to be like? I'd be happy oif they got volumatric lighting working with cycles.
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    Here's the latest. To avoid any annoying kenny remarks I added a stucture to the top of the lantern slightly reminiscent of one I saw on a version of a green lantern battery.


    Then I added a larger symbol to the top of it.


    I'm going to add something to the rear and a larger symbol that I'm done with the modeling, as there is a lens in it. I may try lighting it or having a fire coming out of the front like the central red lantern battery does.

  • JennyJenny2 Posts: 0Member
    If you're having problems with distortion around the poles, what happens if you rotate your sphere so that the poles are where the cutouts for the lens go, and then cut the poles away?
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    Actually I did that this time around in a way. I put the poles at the sides and flattened them out to make the parts the horns attached to. this time I used a boolean to cut the hole for the opening and so haven't had the problem yet. BTW, the boolean worked a lot better than it ever did before, they must be improving it.

    I also avoided the curved top I used on my first lantern that also had the distortions. I play to use a curved rear panel but maybe if I squash it a little the distortions will go away. They did disappear in the lens when I squashed a sphere down to make it.

    BTW, if you're name;s jennifer and you like a poem about a girl named jenny have you ever seen "the bermuda depths"? Probably not as it's an old movie but it had a girl/woman named jenny it it and the end song was about here. Here:

    BTW, I made some changes to the horns after looking at them. The upper sections splayed out too far and were too high, so I corrected them and had to redo the handle a little too.

  • colbmistacolbmista2 Posts: 0Member
    Lookin good
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    After looking at numerous compositing tuts on youtube and running into some frustration as some where outdated already and another good looking one was in german (I managed to get the gist of it despite being deutsch impaired) I started playing around with the compositor and came up with these results. Not really quite what I wanted but not too bad for a first time job.

    Behold, I composite.






    I could not get it to work at first, then on a hunch removed the glass lens and it worked. Now if I can just figure out how to put the lens in without it blocking the emission in the middle I used a mask on to composite.
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    I was a little disappointed in the glare node as it didn't let me create tiny, thin rays like I wanted. Maybe if a iake a tiny light source and put a streak glare on that it will give me the results I'm trying for if I can composite that into the image.

    Barely scratched the surface of course, but did start experimenting instead of just rote copying the tutorials. One thing I would love to do but can't even imagine how to now is to have a light effect coming out of the lantern that looks like a laser thru smoke/fog effect in red. That would be awesome and probably impossible.

    Like this in red:


    This would be a great effect too.



    I guess I have to hope that 2.70 does for volumetric light effects what 2.60 did for rendering.
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  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    I'm thinking of going back to internal render as it gives better volumetric light effects, which I want on this.
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