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U.S.S. Coronado, Katana Class Starship



  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_180829 Posts: 8,777Member
    That's some great work. I like how much thought you're putting into launching and landing the Specters.
  • McCMcC196 Posts: 659Member
    edited August 10 #153
    If you're just joining this thread, hi! Please read the first post for some background info. Many questions have come up over and over again that are answered there. Thanks!

    Thanks, @evil_genius_180 !

    Was out of town for GenCon (my first time!), and the week prior to it was a whirlwind of in-person D&D sessions, so have only really been able to get any progress done in the last week or so.

    The next big item on the agenda was finalizing what to do with the actual launch doors. After some experimenting, I decided I liked horizontal staggered sliding panels. Unfortunately, in order to make them not overly huge and also reasonably thick (~30cm, my standard hull thickness), I had doors that didn't fit into the door frame I had made! Time to rebuild the entire outer shell of the Specter bay, I guess!


    Pictured above is the "how am I going to patch this up?" screenshot of despair on top, with the end result (using a red carpaint matcap to look for mesh distortion) on the bottom. The Shrinkwrap modifier, using some freshly-built and very clean target meshes, made reworking the area a lot less painful than it would have otherwise been. That'd turn out to be foreshadowing for later tasks. Speaking foreshadowing, anyone remember this?
    McC wrote: »
    Shrink Wrap is a dirty, evil modifier that I try to avoid wherever possible. opinion on that topic has changed over the years. :sweat_smile:

    In any event, I ended up putting together a quick rig and cooked up a viewport render to see how it looked opening.


    This was the second pass; the first one was twice as fast, which looked absurd (and had the outermost door moving at over 4m/s!). None of the animation or rigging is remotely final; it's more a proof-of-concept to ensure the idea of the doors is what I want. (There's zero easing to the curves; it's just a network of drivers and constraints that are driven based off of what frame the scene happens to be on. Doing a rig up properly is a battle for later!)

    I kicked out another render to look at the doors at full rendered fidelity, though I couldn't help but stare at the horrid mesh distortion (also noted last time) in the panels surrounding the launch platform.


    Patience, I kept telling myself. Stick to the checklist and finish the Specter bay first.

    I needed somewhere for the doors to go when they recessed into the hull, so the next thing to do was to create that. I also added some very slight detailing to the edges of the door panels and did another viewport render for fun.


    The final remaining Specter bay item was the strategic placement of several of my tractor beam emitter object instances, and then I could finally turn my attention to that ugly mesh distortion! I tore the panels out of the hull mesh and set about "de-engineering" them to create a simple, smooth, clean subsurf to use as a Shrinkwrap target. The before and after is pretty striking:


    The first four panels are done in the image above, with the bottom right trapezoid still left to do.

    I also noticed that the big panel aft of all these had started exhibiting the terminator problem. Emboldened, I decided to tear that panel out and add it to my retopology project.


    Eat it, terminator problem! :mrgreen:

    And...that was it. The last item on my modeling checklist (that wasn't interdependent on textures, at least).


    Next up, UVs, textures, and shaders...oh my! :hushed: Only took five and a half years to get here... :flushed:

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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_180829 Posts: 8,777Member
    Looking great. Those are my favorite kind of bay doors to do.
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg534 CaliforniaPosts: 1,028Member
    Fun. Click and open the doors. It's looking great.
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