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3DStargate Universe: Destiny with Shuttles and Seedship

Hi all together,

One year ago I searched everywhere in the Internet for a Destiny mesh and felt really pissed becouse noone wants to share his models with the community for free. So I decited to make a own one and publish it.
It was made for "Lantean_Wars_Addon", a mod addon I was working on for Starwars EAW.
These are actually my first meshes, sorry for the noobish textures im still a beginner.
It took me about 4 months to finish the Destiny model and 1 additional month for the Seedship + Shuttle.
( I had to cease the devellopment multiple times becouse I got tendovaginitis on both wrists, 3DS Max 9 is quite devastating for the wrists becose I like to work concentrated in 8 hour sessions. But now I feel lot better becouse I bought myself a trackball. )

Whatever, since the downloads section of Scifi-meshes is currently not working I uploaded them to Mediafire and Mega:!TdUzWTwT!VqEh-WS4iVF1gEHPTmitLQa2v8RljGFDHxq3hlz9roI

Everyone is allowed to use my meshes for whatever he wands: Artwork, Videoscenes, Games ...
Have fun guys!
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