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3DDoctor Who - James Carson's Sonic Screwdriver

oldmangregoldmangreg146 Woodland Hills, CAPosts: 1,336Member
Was watching Doctor Who and figured what the hell.

If I was a character on the show this would be my sonic screwdriver. Tried to give it a nice homely feel. Doe not extend or retract, because my character considers that a silly idea. Comes with a built in laser mechanism for welding or breaking through objects. Won't harm someone, but can be set to stun them only if their will power is above average or lower. Also comes with a auto-refilling pen.

Took 3-4 hours to create, 2-3 hours for multiple renders. Need to definitely upgrade my computer.

Doctor: "How come you have a sonic screwdriver? I'm the only one with a sonic screwdriver."
James Carson: "Oh come on Doctor, you can't be that oblivious. You travel through time and space, intervene in history, and it didn't once occur to you that someone was going to take notes?"

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