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Photographysongokusatsu's random pics

songokusatsusongokusatsu61 Posts: 11Member
edited September 2013 in Work in Progress #1
just a few pics of some of things i get up too in all art forms.....all 3d models of star fleet ships used in this post are models make by Ricky ''madman'' Wallace. apart from the original enterprise.

some pics are in blender post render and after render. other are just works in progress of animations and pictures well apart from the drawing lol. happy blending people.
and yes i know i got the font wrong on the reed lol. don't care it was named after my ex anyway he he.
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  • songokusatsusongokusatsu61 Posts: 11Member
    wow that battlestar pic looks horrible so glad i leaned how to better myself and make better pics :)
  • anystaranystar0 Posts: 0Member
    i like #3 (the tos in the nebula) the best, always loved the underbelly shots of the E's most.
  • songokusatsusongokusatsu61 Posts: 11Member
    thank you kindly first pic i ever did was the under belly shot of the e about 5 years ago and my most resent 6 months ago is the planet shot with the reed :)
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