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Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Expanding Fronts Mod - 2D/3D Artists Wanted!

Hello. I'm part of a large-scale modding project for the 2001 strategy game Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. Our mod, 'Expanding Fronts,' is aiming to virtually rebuild the game from the ground up with a massive roster of new units and features. Over the past year we've made a lot of progress, and we're planning to release the first open-beta of the mod to the public in late October.

However, we've still got a ton of work to do for future releases, and we need skilled 2D and 3D artists to help us out. We're looking for people who can help design and build characters, vehicles, weapons, structures, and environments based within the Star Wars universe - from both the films/expanded universe, and original designs.

Our current team consists of about a half-dozen 'full-time' modders, and a handful of occasional outside contributors. Most of our current models were made using Sketchup and 3DS Max. SWGB is an old, sprite-based game, so models don't really need to be super-highly detailed in order to be used. Personally, I mainly do 2D sprite and audio work, so I unfortunately can't get much more detailed than that.

Below are some screenshots, art, and a video of our current progress. You can find more information about us on Facebook, ModDB, and HeavenGames.


Please let me know if you are interested in helping out! Thanks for your time!
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