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Tandem Story Writing

CORPSMAN913CORPSMAN9130 Posts: 0Member
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To be direct, I need a partner in crime, or Partner's in crime. I can handle writing from one side of a conflict, but writing two sides, especially modern day humans, is something that eludes me.

I have an initial story in mind, and a few others in the works. If your interested you can either PM me or email me. Hope to get started ASAP.
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  • spacefighterspacefighter1 Posts: 0Member
    not exactly sure what you're asking here but if you plan to write in partnership with someone else you will probably find it much harder than writing alone and just asking around for advice and ideas where needed. from what you say i guess you are trying to write about a war but want to have pieces from both perspectives, it might be easier to try and just put yourself in a different frame of mind when writing as the other side because that way you would still have all the information you need relating to your setting. a co-writer may not know all your background information and such...
  • CORPSMAN913CORPSMAN9130 Posts: 0Member
    That's exactly why I need a partner. I'm writing from the perspective of an Alien invasion, but I need some one who is writing from the view of the humans, as they get reports from the front. I don't want any knowledge of a background really, just a no nonsense response.

    The format I have in mind is I write the initial chapter, then after reading what I wrote, the partner will write about how the humans react. I read the reaction, and write how the Aliens react, back and forth until we are both satisfied with the ending. The other catch is that the humans eventually lose.
  • JMC3JMC30 Posts: 0Member
    I think you have an interesting idea. I did this several years ago with a friend in LA. we wrote a crime story I ws a cop he was a bad guy. He wrote what he wanted then sent the story to me by email in Word format I rote my part and sent it back to him. He would create characters I didnt care for so I killed them off in a gun battles. It was fun. Sometimes when you write you have to wear lots of different hats but its easy to learn once you get started.
  • Knight26Knight26186 Posts: 832Member
    Typically when one is working with multiple writers, whether it be for a book or TV show it works like this:

    There is a head writer who creates the story bible, outlines the overall plot and writes the character descriptions.
    The secondary or co-writer(s) then write their elements based on that. In the case of TV and movies individual writers will sometimes be in charge of individual characters or possibly story elements. The head writer then has to take all that the cowriter has done and edit it so that there is a coherent voice throughout. Along with my writing I do some voice parts for a friend, he never sends me lines just tells me the situation and what point my character needs to make. I then run with that.

    So if you want to do some tandem writing you need to outline the whole story for your cowriter so that they know where the story is going and can add foreshadowing elements or other details that might be needed later.
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