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C4d Fireball Smoke Trail (animated)

RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
Hello, I liked posting a tut C4d Explosion/Fireworks, so thought I would add another.
This one will describe how to simply create a good Fireball Smoke trail in C4d.
At least to the best of my knowledge and ability.


I have a BSG NuRaider animated.....Add Emitter and position.

Image: Animation Track


Image: Add Emitter Attributes,Settings


Obviously you need to add an environment with a Volume Tracer on it. Set to User. I usually use a world step size of 15.
Add A pyrocluster material to your emitter.

Now, the pyro settings.

Under the Noise tab, check Use Color box- use default colors.
Noise type fbm fractal. All other settings I left at default.

Under Shape tab, Radius 100.All else default.

You can use these to more animate the pyros. Use TM is transfer Matrix which is supposed to mimic the settings for the emitter.

Image: Noise and Shape tab Settings.


Under Global and Age effects.

Global controls global color, but not when using the Use Color option gradient. But this does affect the age/color
settings. This is to have some dark smoke at the end.

Age Effects:
Radius. Left is Begin and right is End.This controls puff size over life. The darker the color, the smaller the puff.
And lighter at the end makes them a bit larger. This is important.Life of particle I believe affects this also. You will need to experiment with this to get an idea of how it works.

Color mix and color work similar to Radius. See image.


This stuff is hard to explain and is tricky to figure out, so you can just copy all the attributes/parameters in the images and you should come out with this>>>>


Demonstration at end of clip.

Best of Luck


Randal R.
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