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Space Odyssey: Millennium [3D Artist(s) needed]

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Space Odyssey is a total conversion for Sins of a Solar Empire, meant to pay homage to many aspects of the science-fiction/space-opera genre while forging a great epic RTS in space experience. Here is a rough draft of the background of the story:

In an alternate timeline where mankind has since colonized the stars, their presence stretched too far across the galaxy, people unwilling to be ruled over by a government they were well disconnected from ignited the fires of civil war that split the 'Terrans' in two. This also affected other the extraterrestrial life forms they had come to live beside (ala Star Wars mixing of races). The war between the United Space Colonies and the Confederation of Free Colonies ended in a stalemate and uneasy truce and since the galaxy has been at peace.

Taking place 100 years after, the year is now 3000, the very beginning of the 3rd Millennium. A third-party faction has arisen out of the ashes of the war from the forgotten planets who slipped through the cracks of either factions control during the war, becoming self-sufficient. Having their independence recognized, both sides seeing the loss of a few planets as inconsequential, they now call themselves the Quaestus Republic; serving as an economic and cultural hub exempt from the troubles of big government. However the Republic will act in any means to protect its own interests and people. The USC and CFC are shadows of each other. Their fleet similar in power and technology, as they both originated together. CFC ships are chunkier and slower but more durable than the USC ships that are slightly faster and more efficient weapons wise. So far each faction has neutral and peaceful standing with each other. But no one has forgotten the war.

The Zendeti Empire are a race of genetically altered aliens who are tall in height and with a warmongering disposition. They come from distant planets to incite rebellion and fighting spirit in the alien population of the USC and CFC planets, who they believe have been dominated by Terrans and they're ways of life, and urge them to reclaim their own along with them. They spread an anti-Terran sentiment since they look down upon them as inferior. Broadcasts sent into USC and CFC territories cause Terrans to fear the alien presence, and in turn spreads an anti-alien sentiment among Terrans.

The Zendeti Empire are split into two groups the Male and the Female Corps. Their military and civilization is segregated in this sense, both Corps capturing planets for themselves in the same of the Empire they serve under, and their supreme Ruler. Both corps rely on cloning to produce personnel and populations.
There is also the Solar Sect crystal like beings that draw their power from Suns and surrounding stars. They react to imbalances in the galaxy, and sensing each faction to be an impending threat set out to destroy all of them. Corrupting enemy battleships and using them against them , their first strike attract much attention. They gain a fanatical following from many in the galaxy who fight alongside them, viewing them as Gods.


What I need is a committed modeler who needs to be able to bring life to this mod. The this job is best for decent modelers who wish to hone their skill in their trade by working on a big project. I can do some 3D Art, but I'm best at 2D and Concept art.

TL;DR: 3D artist to make Space battleships and fighters for factions here. PM for details.

PM me here if interested.
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