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Starship Designer Wanted For Original Short Sci-Fi Space Adventure Film

CaptainrobbCaptainrobb0 Posts: 0Member
edited June 2013 in Looking for... #1
Dark Majesty Productions is a brand new not for profit organisation that aims to produce productions for the internet and later TV and Movies.

We are interested in producing a short sci-fi space based adventure, which could be a pilot to something we could later produce in full either as a film or a miniseries and are therefore seeking a Volunteer interested in designing a starship for the film, and/or acompanying crafts, including starfighters and the enemy aliens space craft to help create this short sci-fi adventure that will be aired on the internet on our website, youtube and other online media to get interest in the project.

Who Are We
Dark Majesty Productions is a not for profit organisation, consisting of a small team of film professionals interested in making great movies and tv shows, firstly for the internet and later establishing ourselves as a great household name.

What We Are Planning To Do
As great Sci-Fi lovers we are hoping to produce a short film, which will be aired online. We hope this to be a short space adventure pilot, which would give Star Trek and Star Wars a run for it money and capture the imagination of thousands of people.

We feel that there just isnA’t enough good space adventures out there and we want to produce a new one for fellow sci-fi fans and lovers.

Who We Are Looking For
We are looking for a volunteer interested in designing a starship and/or accompanying crafts, if your interested in helping in other ways, please let us know.

You will work remotely and help make this short film an epic adventure.

The Short Film
Think Dark Knight, Star Trek 2009, Star Trek into Darkness and the most recent Star Wars Trilogy in terms of the films look but our film will be a bit more darker.

The short film will last preferably no longer than one hour or hour and half max, as the pilot. We can always come back and add things later if needed.

You must have ability to work remotely with all the needed equipment and able to communicate via email.

As a valued volunteer and helper/supporter you will be credited for the work on our website and on the credits of the film which will be getting attention from thousands of people, including those in the filming industry, which could lead onto great things for you too and we would be happy to support you with any portfolios, etc.
You will also be credited for any future usage of the starships

Email us for further info or to show your interest. [email protected]
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