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Another silly "who would win" thread.

Judge Death.Judge Death.0 Posts: 0Member
edited April 2013 in General Discussion #1

Personally, I go with the daleks. First off, what does it take to stop the daleks? The Doctor!

The borg? They get beaten by captain janeway and the crew of the voyager....:rolleyes:

As to how daleks look, they are essentially mini armored combat vehicles just large enough to contain the dalek organism, essentially they're one person cybernetic tanks.
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  • Halo BuffHalo Buff171 Posts: 0Member
    As a fan of both universes, I'd say it'd be a toss up. Although once the Borg adapted to the Dalek's death rays, they'd just walk up an assimilate them. Borg Daleks.... Yikes!
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.0 Posts: 0Member
    I'm not sure the borg could assimilate daleks. Daleks have prettty good shields now, and that sucker arm has been shown to be an effective weapon. Plus a dalek might be able to put out more firepower than a borg could resist even with fullly adapted sheilds.

    Also, remember the new dalek self destruct system? A borg gets close and overpowers a dalek, it engages that new SD system and probably takes the borg out too.
  • SkaroSkaro0 Posts: 0Member
    Daleks, if they have Davros to provide them with scientific support.
  • AresiusAresius347 Posts: 4,145Member
    Dalkes in any case. The Borg are tough enemies if you're a weak puny human, but against a Dalek, they'll be on the losing end.
  • Knight26Knight26186 Posts: 832Member
    Daleks all the way, a better fight would be Borg Vs Cybermen
  • AresiusAresius347 Posts: 4,145Member
    They'd not fight, they'd team up.... Both want to lift the rest of the universe to perfection, both strive for an emotionless life.
  • Halo BuffHalo Buff171 Posts: 0Member
    They wouldn't team up. The Borg would want the Dalek's technology, the Daleks exterminate everything that's not Dalek.
  • AresiusAresius347 Posts: 4,145Member
    No, he meant the Cybermen. Cybermen and Borg would really team up...
  • Halo BuffHalo Buff171 Posts: 0Member
    THAT, I can see happening. DELETE! Resistance is Futile!
  • AresiusAresius347 Posts: 4,145Member
    (I think that also happened in some comic, AFAIK)
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