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Crew Calculator Version 5



  • Knight26Knight26186 Posts: 832Member
    Ok I should have V6 ready to go live next week maybe this weekend. I am attaching a quick screenshot of the progress/new User Interface. Basically fill the mini-calcs, answer the questions and then it will autopopulate all but 5 cells, yes folks 5 cells are all you will need to fill in the main body if this works as planned. I still have to incorporate these changes into Starbase tab, and it's mini-calc, but after that, remaking the example tabs, bug checking, and some clean up work to make it look nice and pretty we should be good to go. I am wondering though if I should move the Totals block into a more prominent place at the top of the calculator though, how does that sound?
  • Knight26Knight26186 Posts: 832Member
    Ok, Version 6 is almost ready to go, I just need to rework the manual sheet and it'll be ready to go.
  • Knight26Knight26186 Posts: 832Member
    Version 6 is now online, I will keep this thread open for any V5 specific comments, but don't plan to see many more updates to it, sorry.
  • AresiusAresius352 Posts: 4,154Member
    Space weather? It already sounds so oddly unique that I'd make it a separate field of study... Makes me remember a German SciFi show where the ships often encountered so called Lightstorms. Basically the outer edges of solar eruptions that superspeed interstellar particles... Nice idea.
  • Knight26Knight26186 Posts: 832Member
    Well space weather would involve a lot of factors, sunspot activity, plasma/ion storms, cometary debris avoidance, etc... So that is why I made it its own seperate category.
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