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3DThe Auzris Project



  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1802824 Posts: 10,407Member
    Miri. Dreadful episode, in my opinion.
  • bosunbosun62 Posts: 0Member
    IIRC, Spock mentioned "Hodgkin's Law of Parallel Planetary Development" in the episode Bread and Circuses.
  • Ronson2kRonson2k0 Posts: 0Member
    I like the design. A bit like Voyager without the nacelles. Almost a larger version of the Delta Flyer (perhaps Delta Class?). Your renderings are quite awesome. I also like the organic perhaps 28th century design. It's conceivable that trek or UFP would be influenced by other contacts and their ship designs. Then incorporate that into 'Earth' or lets say core trek contact ship designs.

    Just an observation on the logo/title page image. It reminded me of the opening to 'The Day After Tomorrow' or the opening to 'The Fifth Element'. In that it looks like it's in motion over a rocky or watery surface. You could perhaps expand on that idea similar to that in the Voyager opening where the ship is reflected in the rings of the planet. Just a thought.

    Keep up the great work. Looking forward to updates when you can :-)
  • markmasseymarkmassey498 StaffordshirePosts: 579Member
    A couple of images for fun.. to give an idea of scale.. its not going to be 100% accurate at the minute..

    I don't remember much of the original series if I'm honest.. just kirk punching everyone.. :)

    I admit it does look very much like the delta flyer.. i think when i was coming up with the design i tried to make the silhouette more shuttle like.. my first concept looked more conventional design wise.. and i kept pushing it until she looks the way she does now.. I think a few few people commented on how similar it looks to voyager.. funny because in the back story for the design this is the last project that admiral janeway works on before she retires from star fleet.

    The Auzriis project is phase 1 in a line of ships that lead up to a group of intergalactic ships that the federation has to build in order to preserve the civilisations of its members.. This ties in with the aquatic race that the federation meet and begin to develop new technology with.. unknown to starfleet that all the technology that the race use are part of a vast crystalline entity. At some point observers detect a dark spot out in the universe that is growing. by the time time it reaches the milky way the federation has constructed 8 massive ships that use "special shielding" to protect it from the wave that has swept across the universe leaving an empty void behind it.. one of the ships is damaged and doesn't come through the other side.. and all that is left of everything are 7 ships and the entity that the aquatic race live inside.. they then have to spend the next 200 years travelling to the origin of the wave to confront another type of "evil" entity...

    Might sound a bit dump but that's what has happened in my head while ive been trying to just design i starship..

    while i was creating the logo i had the image of the ship skimming the icy rings of a planet not unlike the voyager intro.. so i tried to capture that in the logo.. so I'm glad you picked that up Ronson2k i started another version as a sort of fire and ice theme for the logo where its across the surface of a star.. these are the two images i've got in my head of the ship when the model is finally finished...

    Thanks to MK84 for the shuttle craft, and Intrepid by Flat Eric
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1802824 Posts: 10,407Member
    It reminds me of the Dauntless more than it does Voyager, it always has. Though, it's clearly larger than the Dauntless, which was smaller than Voyager.
  • markmasseymarkmassey498 StaffordshirePosts: 579Member
    not a mesh update, but I've had a little play in work while it's a bit slow quick illustration to show the aquatic race escorting the Auzriis to their home world..

    well technically its not a home world.. they all lie inside a crystalline entity that's going to look like a massive corral structure..
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1802824 Posts: 10,407Member
    That's really sweet. :)
  • markmasseymarkmassey498 StaffordshirePosts: 579Member
    Well again been a while since I've updated any of my threads, but got a few weeks between jobs so thought i'd try and kick start them back into action... and maybe finish a couple off....

    It's not going to happen if i keep opening old files and redoing 80% of the model tho... looks pretty much the same, just a few nicer curves.. remodeled most of the hull, to make it easier when it comes to paneling..

    I've added a nook in the top of the hull.. stepping another direction towards the dreaded dauntless, but I've come to terms with that..

    just need to think about detailing...
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1802824 Posts: 10,407Member
    It looks great. I hope you do get around to finishing this one, I like it a lot. :)
  • SanderleeSanderlee1 Posts: 0Member
    That's purty! Love the nested-curve design.
  • markmasseymarkmassey498 StaffordshirePosts: 579Member
    Well its been a while but i'm trying to make time to finish some projects that i started a while ago (again)

    I've gone back a few steps as usual. but i was never really happy with the clam shell hanger doors, so I've re designed the back of the ship. hopefully i'll work my way round to the front soon enough..

    I seem to take the George RR Martin approach to modeling.....
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  • rojrenrojren1734 Louisville, Kentucky USAPosts: 1,822Member
    Everybody dies?
  • oldmangregoldmangreg146 Woodland Hills, CAPosts: 1,336Member
    rojren wrote: »
    Everybody dies?

    I think he meant taking forever to finish something :D
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  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann498 Posts: 1,213Member
    What an interesting design.
  • wibblewibble615 GermanyPosts: 335Member
    markmassey wrote: »
    I seem to take the George RR Martin approach to modeling.....
    rojren wrote: »
    Everybody dies?
    oldmangreg wrote: »
    I think he meant taking forever to finish something :D

    Considering the latest season of GoT it also could mean bringing back the dead.
  • markmasseymarkmassey498 StaffordshirePosts: 579Member
    Wow wow wow..... I've not seen episode 10 yet....

    haha thanks guys yes i meant that it takes me years to get a model finished... as far as i know I've not massacred people and I've yet to delve into the necromantic arts...

    If anyone has any suggestions for the main hanger doors i'd love to hear them.. i went for the clam shell as a nod to the enterpirse e but thought it was a bit of a lazy option...
  • rojrenrojren1734 Louisville, Kentucky USAPosts: 1,822Member
    Since it's using advanced technology, you could go with some sort of memory, or phasing material. I always thought clamshell doors look like a bunch of problems waiting to happen.
  • markmasseymarkmassey498 StaffordshirePosts: 579Member
    Not really an update.. but just looking through some old threads and came across this..

    my first incarnation of the auzriis a while ago.. Quite depressing how long I've been working on this ship lol...

    hmmm seems i cant upload pictures for some reason...
  • markmasseymarkmassey498 StaffordshirePosts: 579Member
    Had a spare half hour this afternoon so thought id take the time to post an update..

    possibly not enough of a change to warrant posting.. more hull sculpting etc. after opening the file and spotting some ugly curves..

    onward and upward...
  • markmasseymarkmassey498 StaffordshirePosts: 579Member
    edited July 2020 #51
    Sooooo.... have to say i've been inspired by some of the excellent model work on here to go back and take a look at a ship i've been toying with for.... well lets just say a while...

    I've been refining a few niggles i had with the hull sweep and the lines of geometry on warp fins... But the big step was i've laid out some plating on the underside... now for some reason this is the part that i really struggle with.. so i'm pretty impressed that i've done something that i feel happy with.. as basic as it is.... I think its a good start... and hopefully i'll get some momentum on this..

    Now the next job is learning how to use arnold... as maya has ditched mental ray since i last rendered anything...

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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1802824 Posts: 10,407Member
    It's good to see you back to work on this. I like that paneling a lot. :)
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1650 CaliforniaPosts: 1,930Member
    It looks great. I hope you do get around to finishing this one, I like it a lot. :)
    Sanderlee wrote: »
    That's purty! Love the nested-curve design.

    Agreed. A very promising design.
  • Adam WarnockAdam Warnock65 Posts: 102Member
    Gotta say she's got some lovely curves to her. Looking forward to seeing her finished. Some day. :P

    Paneling looks good.
  • markmasseymarkmassey498 StaffordshirePosts: 579Member
    edited July 2020 #55
    Cheers guys... yea i think i need to get at least one project finished and i'd like it to be this one...

    Quick question for anyone.. I'm currently applying tiny decals to the voyager model i've been building... I'm assuming a lot of them are airlocks and access doors etc... but there's no information on what all the markings are... any idea if there is anywhere to go to look up what they are.... or does it just come under detail to add a little bit of interest on the hull?

    Only because i'm hopefully going to looking to add them to my ship at some point.. would be good to know what they are.. instead of just randomly placing them around..

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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1802824 Posts: 10,407Member
    Man, I built one of those back in the day. Those little things are just kind of stuck in various places all over the hull. I don't know if they're supposed to represent access hatches or what.






    You can see those things in various places in those images. I don't remember where else they are.
  • RekkertRekkert3387 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 2,239Member
    edited July 2020 #57
    Oohh, it's great to see more progress on this one! :)

    Those rectangular bits (access panels?) on Voyager are rather random, they were placed all over the hull essentially where there was empty space.
    EDIT: Removed the images as they're the same Chris posted above. :p
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  • markmasseymarkmassey498 StaffordshirePosts: 579Member
    Cheers guys,, yea that's kind of what i thought... i was just looking forward to going to a website and spending an hour or so looking up what 3 small rounded squares mean on the hull lol... im sure i can find more productive things to do with my afternoon though haha...

    i always think when i see this image.... whos idea was it to suggest that the bridge was something that could separate from the ship?? even when the ship was crashing into the ice planet janeway didn't say ok eject the bridge module... sorry everyone else....
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1802824 Posts: 10,407Member
    The general idea is that it's a lifeboat for the bridge crew. They're probably the last ones aboard in an emergency and, rather than try to get to escape pods in time, they could just eject the bridge. Though, it's kind of a moot point with 6 escape pods so close to the actual bridge. Each pod holds 6 people so, unless Janeway likes to put her feet up, they should all make it. ;)
  • markmasseymarkmassey498 StaffordshirePosts: 579Member
    Managed to get some time on this today... nothing too impressive.. just working on the detail on the underside of the secondary hull... looking for where the best place for the aft torpedo launcher and tractor emitters etc, planning on cutting into sections of the hull and exposing some slight greeble detail..



  • StarshipStarship388 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,918Member
    Nice to see you´re back to the Auzris. :)
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