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3DEbon Hawk



  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801857 Posts: 9,999Member
    The new window area looks fantastic. :thumb:
    wibble wrote: »
    So much for reducing Polycount eh, but I saved enough in other places so I could afford the extra detail.

    Why does it matter? With modern machines, you're not going to have much of a slowdown rendering with really high polygon counts. As far as I know, this is just a mesh for you, not intended to be used in a game, so why worry about the poly count?
  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    thank you both for your comments.

    @evil_genius_180: You are right of course it's not such an important criterion anymore as it might have been a few years ago. But one reason actually is that I don't have a very powerful machine and not the money to afford one. I'm working with an aspire one netbook. Although it is a good computer it is not intended for things like cg work. Thats why I have to keep an eye on my polycount. Anyway I hope thats not a permanent situation.
    Of course I wanted this to be a highly detaild model and I am aware of, that this isn't possible without a high polycount. I do not expect this to pass as lowpoly, but it does not need more than necessary, right. So mainly its all part of the lerning curve. Finding out how much detail and polygons are needed to achieve a certain look and how much is actually unnecessary.
    You are right that it is just for me and just for the sake of doing it. I do not know what I will do with it. If I did it propely would be easier to optimize it for its purpose. But I'm kinda trying to keep all options open. Making it hold up for far away shots as well as closeups. I'm pretty sure that it won't ever be used for games but it would be nice to do some animations with it. And for that it surely will be helpful if it has less instead of more polygons.
  • JennyJenny1 Posts: 0Member
    wibble wrote: »

    Is there a reason for the strange door shape, or does your civilization, like BSG's reboot colonials, just not like orthagonal doors?
  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    Yap, they think orthagonal doors are boring.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801857 Posts: 9,999Member
    Speaking of the doorway, why did you shape it the way you did? I've been playing the game again and the cockpit has a round entrance.
  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    Yeah, actually I don't really know. It was kind of an accident I guess. When I started this I had no reference for size or proportion so I started with the layout for the interior as a size reference. To keep it easy and quick I used simple boxes and so I just build a orthagonal door. (Than changed it to its current shape 'cause as already mentioned I found it boring) Although I looked almost daily at Screencaps where you see the round entrance I somehow missed it. At the moment I realized it I was already growing fond of the current version and I decided to keep it. Using Ryan Denning's Concept Art of the Xs Light Freighter as inspiration for the redesign might have played a part as well. And I wanted to resemble the Falcon Cockpit a bit (Although I know that the door has the wrong shape for that as well. There are other doors in the ship which capture that better) Until yesterday I even planned to make the corridor behind the cockpit angular as well but I tried it with a tube and like it much better.


    If I remember correctly you couldn't close the entrence to the cockpit in the game. So the difference wouldn't be the shape of the door but the fact that it actually has one.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801857 Posts: 9,999Member
    No, the first game doesn't have any internal doors. (that you can see) For the second one, they added some hatches that closed in the round openings for the first part of the game, where part of the ship is depressurized. Though, I don't see how you could have closed the cockpit with one of those (not shown in the game anyway) because there's nowhere for the door to go when it's open.
  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    Forgot to mention I did keep the round doors which are connecting the center area with the main corridor leading to the quarters, engineroom, boarding ramp and so on. Those where also the ones that had hatches in the game and it gave me headaches to figure how to make them open without ripping holes in the hull. The Cockpit door actually is the only one where it wouldn't have been a problem since there is pretty much space above it. Also in the Model they used in the game.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801857 Posts: 9,999Member
    That makes sense, as the round doors are actually in the second game. I can definitely see where animating them would be a feat.

    It's funny, I was actually trying to remember the shape of the cockpit doorway earlier, and I've even been playing the game. :lol: I Googled it, but most of the pics I could find were from the second game and I know they changed some things. So, I actually fired up my XBOX, loaded my game and hightailed it out of the Shadowlands and back to the ship so that I could check out the doorway shape. ;)
  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    edited August 2021 #131
    Started to panel the curved areas of the Hull and it's much easier than I expected. It actually makes fun.

    bkjzjo9y1uyt.jpg prtowt6j785g.jpg

    And an area I started earlier. Not a curved surface but panels nonetheless.

    im7712xboqj6.jpg ztbq1gdj0f1w.jpg
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  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    edited August 2021 #132
    uxsluqlesu8q.jpg qf3aarvvtl2w.jpg
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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801857 Posts: 9,999Member
    Looking great. How are you making the panels?
  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    Thanks, I'm doing them with the Inset Faces Tool. I got this explained several times around here, but it didn't made click until I saw this short tutorial.
  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    edited August 2021 #135
    Haven't worked a lot on this. Real life is keeping me more occupied than I like.
    But I could upgrade this little airlock control panel lately. Tell me what you think.

    kyt7v8dlklhg.jpg nkbsdqvwjpmb.jpg ay04qya6gqvo.jpg c5r651bbuya4.jpg

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  • FANGsFANGs372 Posts: 78Member
    Very cool!
  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    Thank you FANGs.
    I know it isn't much but it's kind of a big deal for me. Tried a new modeling approach here which mainly gave me more control over the polycount and even made modeling a bit easier and faster. And I got a convincing result out of it with which I am satisfied. So that makes me happy and even though the renders aren't showing much progress on the model, I feel like they mark a big step in my learning curve.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801857 Posts: 9,999Member
    Nice job on the control pad.
  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    edited August 2021 #139
    5 years! I guess no one remembers that this even exists. But I am still working on it from time to time. Made a bit progress on the engine lately.

    pnls1b19pbio.jpg k14aiw77lg7f.jpg

    w9eopm85vsxe.jpg jt6h01loyr9u.jpg

    And I decided to rename it. Although it was supposed to be a redesign I never intended it to look that different. But in the same time I liked what I came up with. Simple solution: its a different ship with similar design. I call it "Milan Maru"
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  • HundredHundred213 Posts: 999Member
    One of my most favorite-est game ships ever. I'd really like to see it make a appearance in the Mandalorian or some such series. Good job.
  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    Also I did add a bit detail to the central area. The inspiration for it was the Saturn V rocket.



    And a life action appearance of the Ebon Hawk would be great with no doubt, although in the Mandalorian it would be somewhat out of place. As far as I know the David Benioff and D. B. Weiss trilogy was supposed to take place in the Old Republic era. And I was hoping that they would bring the Ebon Hawk on the big screen. But now it appears like this project is dead.

  • ashleytingerashleytinger951 Central OhioPosts: 873Member
    L:ove the detail you're putting into this. Nice work
  • HundredHundred213 Posts: 999Member
    Well maybe Mando could come across it (it's wreck (it's badly decaying wreck)) during one of his missions. Or maybe they can make a series about the Old Republic.
  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    edited August 2021 #144
    I hope it won't just appear as wreck. That would be too depressing. But now that I think about it, they had to deal with Mandalor the Great in KotoR II and I expect Din Djarin to visit the mandalorian home world in the upcoming season. Would be somehow cool if they have some sort of museum there with trophies from old victories. And since Mando does need a new ship ... who knows.

    Also thank you ashleytinger!
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  • HundredHundred213 Posts: 999Member
    edited August 2021 #145
    If he finds it in fairly decent condition, he may be able to use it to escape a bad situation. Poor Razor Crest, gone too soon.
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  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    Hundred wrote: »
    If he finds it in fairly decent condition ...

    That's why I thought of some sort of museum. Guess that would be the place where it's most likely that it was kept in a decent condition for several hundred years.
    But honestly I don't think (and hope) that that or something alike will happen on The Mandalorian. Even though I like the Show, I don't have faith in the production team that they would tell it in a non ridiculous way.
    Anyway, we will see.

    For my own version I have some more minor but essential detail. I started to "sketch" the landing gear. Something that I avoided far too long.



    And this one is to see it in context.


    What I have in mind aesthetically is a blend of these two:



    But right now I have to figure out how the mechanism is supposed to work and if it will fit inside the hull.
    What bothers me is that it is so narrow. Doesn't really matter for the gear but the ship is really close to the ground this way. There are just 20 cm between the lower gun and the ground. Don't know if that would actually be a problem but most of all it looks strange. Well the easy solution of cause would be to make the gear longer but than I fear the boarding ramp and the rear landing gear would become far too long and fragile. Have to test it I guess, for right now I can't imagine an elegant solution.
  • Lizzy777Lizzy777898 PNWPosts: 673Member
    One thing I know for sure about Star Wars ships is they are surprisingly durable. Watching both the Millenium Falcon and the Razor Crest crash land like they did, and then be able to lift off and fly again is nearly unbelievable.

    Especially considering the Razor Crest was missing much of its hull after it pancaked several levels into that spider's nest!

    Considering that, I wouldn't be too worried about the fragility of the landing gear. If it's supposed to break, it'll be for dramatic or comedic effect.

    "Cry 'Havoc!,' and let slip the corgies of war!"
  • ashleytingerashleytinger951 Central OhioPosts: 873Member
    I always figured the material in these ships was like the star trek materials in that it's composites we'd never dreamed up. Considering how the Falcon looked at the end of Solo and it was still flying... yeesh
  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    edited September 2021 #149
    Ha, well that's a kind thing of you to say. Glad that you see it this way, since it gives me all the freedom that I could ask for. Although my concerns have been more out of aesthetic reasons and not so much practical ones.

    But as usual I made a quick test and it turns out it doesn't even nearly looks as bad as I was afraid of. Probably should have waited with the last post until after that test. Sorry for that.

    cgt444fdgx2j.jpg euj67gelpgry.jpg 0u4l3nhch285.jpg

    And by the way sometimes objects in the scene aren't showing in the render. For example in these last renders there is a guy standing next to ship as size reference who didn't showed up in the renders. Anyone any Idea what could cause that? I still work with Blender 2.79 and use the Blender internal render engine.
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  • ashleytingerashleytinger951 Central OhioPosts: 873Member
    Double-check your scene settings. You can have an object show up in your view but have it not set to render at all.

    There's usually a checkbox or something for each. I'm using Blender for Artists so it's slightly different from the main version but I figure that's something similar
  • wibblewibble458 GermanyPosts: 269Member
    edited September 2021 #151
    Thank you for reply. Of course I thought that it has something to do with settings (what else could it be) but I just can't imagine which one I have to change. Especially since I can't remember that I have changed any setting before the object disappeared during render. I checked every checkbox and just can't see the difference. But Nevermind it's a small problem. I guess I just delete the object in question and make a new one. That usually solves it.

    And I didn't know that there is a different version of Blender for Artists. What exactly is the difference? What can you do with this version that you can't with the main version respectively what can't you do with it?
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