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help needed with texturing lighted windows using Cinema4d and/or Bodypaint

bobc4dbobc4d171 Posts: 0Member
I suck at texturing. I have a couple of projects in the works, one of which is deep space 9. I would like help or information about getting the lighted windows textured on the station. I know I can model the individual windows and use luminance but that gets costly in terms of polys. I tried my hand at just texturing the windows but it looks just like that - a bright rectangle shape and not a window. now this won't necessarily be for close up shots so it doesn't have to look perfect. I am using R14 Cinema and BodyPaint.

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  • perilousperilous171 Posts: 0Member
    got a quick way for you,get hold of the greyscalegorilla city kit, there should be a material for building windows,use that <may have to scale up/down > which should do nicely for medium to long range shots :D
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