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3DTCS Tiger's Claw

Klavs81Klavs81188 Posts: 197Member
edited July 2014 in Work in Progress #1
Forgive me for starting a new thread, but I thought this warranted one. Greeble factory output is at 100%!!

Hope you guys like it, it started by being fun, then exhausting, now I'm pushing through exhaustion back into the fun zone.

Sitting at around 43K polys in Modo right now. Not bad, really, for a guy who works mostly in textures. Man, I love this stuff.
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ee.jpg 123.8K
e.JPG 148.3K


  • SaquistSaquist0 Posts: 0Member
    another take on the esteemable Tiger's Claw.

    I think remaking the Carrier has become a tradition. The original carrier has a nice look but it's not very logical with the big run way.
    I've been thinking about do a version that would make that center run way more like Galactica's side run ways launching from the side and landing down the center.

    Yours looks great.
    Hope to see a Drayman from you too.
  • Knight26Knight26186 Posts: 832Member
    Loving the Claw so far, what kind of fighter compliment do you think you can fit in her? I like the launch bays on the side too, can't wait to see where you go with it all. Any plans to do some of the other big ships too?
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801014 Posts: 9,124Member
    Nice modeling. What Sci-Fi universe is this stuff from?
  • SanderleeSanderlee0 Posts: 0Member
    Wing Commander, EG. :)
    Not quite the first space flight combat sim ... but one of the most dramatic and best.

    Do NOT, under any circumstances, rate the series based on the truly wretched movie. Apart from SOME of the music (the opening fanfare, for example), NOTHING in that movie was good.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801014 Posts: 9,124Member
    Thanks Sanderlee. I've certainly heard of Wing Commander, though I've never played any of the games. (or seen the movie)
  • Knight26Knight26186 Posts: 832Member
    EG, if you don't mind the dated garphics the whole series is up on Great Old Games for pretty cheap, it is worth a look, and a heck of a lot of fun
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801014 Posts: 9,124Member
    Dated graphics don't bother me, I just wonder how games that old would run on my computer. It's very modern and may not work well with software that old. Though, it looks like most of them are for DOS, which means I could use the DOSBox emulator, which should work fine on my system.
  • Klavs81Klavs81188 Posts: 197Member
    Thanks guys!

    There is space for around 60-100 strike craft in the main launch bay and the hangar deck below (blue). For a size comparison, the bays are about 300 m long, about the size of a Nimitz class aircraft carrier, and a like number of planes. I'm keeping the upper topside "deck" forward of the conning tower reasonably clear of greebles so it can also act as an area for staging shuttles or marine dropships or whatever.

    Portside, there are four launch bays which can be accessed from the main launch bay or by the hangar deck via elevator. This means you can launch fighters from the side bay while still recovering in the main bay. There will be other elevators around the hangar deck which provide normal access to the hangar bay as well.

    There is also a large cargo door portside for underway replenishment or corvette docking. I've also added sliding blast doors to cover the windows during combat.

    Still greebling, and added some procedural textures for visualizing final texturing. I'm now working on the engine area.
    2a.jpg 253.5K
    2.JPG 155.3K
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801014 Posts: 9,124Member
    Looking good. Though, I noticed the fighters are tightly packed. Is there some kind of automated system to get them out of their parking spaces?
  • SaquistSaquist0 Posts: 0Member
    Looking good. Though, I noticed the fighters are tightly packed. Is there some kind of automated system to get them out of their parking spaces?
    That's not really necessary for stowing and deployment unless they are stacked.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801014 Posts: 9,124Member
    It may be the perspective, but it looks like you can't get some planes out without moving all of them. But, I could be wrong about that.
  • Klavs81Klavs81188 Posts: 197Member
    Looking good. Though, I noticed the fighters are tightly packed. Is there some kind of automated system to get them out of their parking spaces?

    That's definitely not the final spacing for fighter parking.
  • Knight26Knight26186 Posts: 832Member
    The parking on a real carrier is crazy tight, so what you have there isn't unreasonable, one question,how do the launch doors open, do they fold down? If not they will have trouble clearing each other.
  • Klavs81Klavs81188 Posts: 197Member
    More procedural textures, details and some initial lighting. This thing is now officially a monster. For good or ill, has yet to be seen. :)

    @Knight, I plan on hinging the doors downward.

    For fun I added the original sprite from the first game. We've come a long way, baby!
  • McCMcC198 Posts: 661Member
    Very nice!
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801014 Posts: 9,124Member
    It's looking great. :D I love that you included a pic of the game ship. Gotta love the old DOS graphics. ;) It's amazing to me how you extrapolated the design from that.
  • SaquistSaquist0 Posts: 0Member
    EG, The game had a set of plans for each ship/
    The major departure of his design excludes the pylons for the outboard turrets and thickens the flight deck.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801014 Posts: 9,124Member
    Damn, dude. You sure know how to take the wind out of someone's sails. :p
  • Klavs81Klavs81188 Posts: 197Member
    Textures baked and weathering mostly complete. Working on the hangar bay now.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801014 Posts: 9,124Member
    Nice textures. I especially like the subtle weathering. :)
  • McCMcC198 Posts: 661Member
    Those are some great renders!

    One nitpick: thrusters of that sort are probably some kind of ion or plasma-based propulsion, which is going to use EM confinement to direct the exhaust vector. Such a thruster isn't going to be "messy" but rather more collimated. The collimated thrust stream will do a better job, with less loss, of propelling a ship along any given travel vector. The size of the aperture and the bell-shape of the thruster cone allows for thrust-vectoring so that the main units can alter the ship's trajectory, probably aided by smaller RCS thrusters dotted along the hull. The actual exhaust aperture, along with the EM confinement field strength, is going to ultimately dictate the degree of collimation to the resulting exhaust stream.

    tl;dr: The thruster exhaust cones should probably be narrower than they are. ;)
  • Knight26Knight26186 Posts: 832Member
    Nice comment McCC, yes the exhaust should be more beam like, less diffused
  • Klavs81Klavs81188 Posts: 197Member
    Thanks for the comments guys! The wing commander threads are a break from my usual hard sci-fi and aviation stuff, so I just really wanted a pretty blue glow.

    If you wonder how Blair eats and breathes, and other science facts, just repeat to yourself "it's just a forum, I should really just relax."
  • Knight26Knight26186 Posts: 832Member

    would love to see your hard sci-fi and aviation work, will have to search your other threads
  • Klavs81Klavs81188 Posts: 197Member
    Hi Knight, you can also check out my portfolio at ;)
  • vnm51vnm512 Posts: 0Member
    Fantastic work Klavs! I really like the textures and the shape.
  • SaquistSaquist0 Posts: 0Member
    I hope to get into textureing my TCS Midway like this. Looks phenomenal already sir. I really hope to see more from you on this universe.
  • Klavs81Klavs81188 Posts: 197Member
    She's picked up a little destroyer escort (about 130 m)
    1.jpg 152.7K
    5.JPG 223.2K
    4.jpg 199.7K
    3.JPG 16.5K
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801014 Posts: 9,124Member
    I like it. Is that something from the games or something you made up to go with the big ship?
  • AresiusAresius341 Posts: 4,133Member
    Looks good. :)
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