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3DTOS Constitution Reboot



  • Hunter GHunter G454 Posts: 378Member
    edited June 9 #542
    Some work on the shuttle bay area. I also started connecting the neck to the saucer, you can kind of see it in this image
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  • scifiericscifieric877 Posts: 1,284Member
    Very nice work!
    Hunter G
  • Rory1707Rory170760 Posts: 70Member
    Nicely done! Pike and Kirk would be proud! 🖖🏾
    Hunter G
  • trekkitrekki481 Posts: 1,031Member
    Yes, this is very nice.
    Hunter G
  • johnl2112johnl21127 Posts: 18Member
    I like how your design makes sense out of the rear of the hull near the shuttle bay, where matt Jeffries and 1960s fabrication technology just went "aaaah $#%^ it"
    Hunter G
  • seanrseanr898 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 535Member
    This is shaping up to be the best approach to this general concept that I've yet seen. Excellent work. :)
    Hunter G
  • Hunter GHunter G454 Posts: 378Member
    I am liking this version the best so far!

    Some work on the impulse engine area:
  • Rory1707Rory170760 Posts: 70Member
    NICE!!!!! 🖖🏾
  • ashleytingerashleytinger801 Central OhioPosts: 759Member
    That is a really nice take on those. Love it!
  • adjunct37betaadjunct37beta171 Seattle, WAPosts: 47Member
    Just wanted to say how great this looks (and all of your other work too). You’ve managed to strike such a balance with this design. It retains the overall feel of the original yet updated and more sleek. You’ve made subtle updates to the overall shape, size and various elements, adding just enough detail and complexity to make the ship feel more contemporary and refined.

    Seriously a marvel of restraint in design. Definitely my favorite reimagining of the TOS design.
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