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3DNav Point Luna Four

Losely based on the end sequence of the game MECH WARRIOR 2. Some people might remember it! ;)

The two mechs shown here are a TimberWolf and a MadDog (or MadCat and Vulture for the Inner Sphere types).

NOTE: I am aware that Earth would look a little smaller seen from the moon and that the dimension of how the Milky Way appears is not one hundred percent quite right, but that's my artistic freedom. Deal with it.

This verse has ended.

Our destiny is sealed to a once unthinkable fate.
It has guided us to our home on Terra.

Karensky has told us of this Eden
with a promise of deliverance.

We will defend it to our deaths.

Let the next verse begin...

COMPOSITION: The entire scene setup and render was done in Lightwave. The only postwork is the dust caused by the movements of the Mechs.

MESHES: TimberWolf by HawkHart, MadDog by Rendar & Earth by Fabio. Texture modifications on all items by me. Terrain, starfield & Milky Way Galaxy are my work.

BattleTech & MechWarrior Ac 1984 FASA Corporation, Ac 2000 WizKids & Ac 2003 Topps. The MechWarrior computer game series Ac Activision & MicroProse. All Rights Reserved. All items are used under "fair use" guidelines.


UPDATE: Added more dust and the missing footprints in the moon surface to the image.
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