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3DMetals Random Stuff

metalsnakemetalsnake1 Posts: 0Member
edited August 2012 in Work in Progress #1
so its been a long time infact almost a year i think since i've posted anything i've taken a long break from 3d modelling but i finally got back to it yesterday and started working on a new star trek ship

well it may not seem new because most of you will tell easily that its based on the defiant class vessel the only new thing is its design i've so far got the nacelles created and placed how i want them and i've done the nose i'm slowly working on the main hull and yes i know theres a few poly errors that give it to much of a sharpe line towards the front behind the nose but so far i'm blocking it out as you guys call it heres the plan

in order of blocking out then detailing

main hull
interior decking

maybe i'll go as far as doing this whole thing in a 1:1 model to a human dummy model i have laying around somewhere who knows let me know what you think so far guys i'm gonna need all the advice and thoughts possible as this ones gonna be big :D
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  • metalsnakemetalsnake1 Posts: 0Member
    blah 100+ views and no replies well guess i need to show a little progress in this post lmao

    anyhow i was unhappy with the bulky design and after abit of kit bashing around for ideas i came across a particular set up that looked promising and went ahead started putting her together from scratch heres the new design still underway with the dorsal ( i believe thats the top ) side before i block out the ventril areas then its all on to the detailing such as windows buzzards and interior builds

    this model is being done to bring back my modelling skills and has now been assigned a name .... that name is the Tigerfin defiant variant due to its topdown view looking slightly like a shark :)

    let me know your thoughts :D
  • colbmistacolbmista0 Posts: 0Member
    intereting design is it all crewed by the military machos like they had on enterprise?
  • metalsnakemetalsnake1 Posts: 0Member
    haha its very possible i figured its about 6-7 decks in height will have 6 phaser cannons and 4 torpedo launchers at the front about 5-6 phaser strips with 3 torpedo launchers at the rear and possibly about 8-9 phaser turret emplacements ( like a phalanx system on earth real life ships ) for point defense she also includes a cloaking device and if i can get the to fit i may make her planet landable if i think she needs it :D
  • metalsnakemetalsnake1 Posts: 0Member
    so the fastest quick update i've ever done haha thought you might wanna see more of the design so heres a few pictures for ya

    topsides pretty much blocked out and the backs got its final blocked design finished last but not least is the underside i'm not sure whats gonna go down there yet any ideas are welcome of course i'm not sure where to go with this model yet its either build the details and get the hull finished or get the scale sorted and start on the interior plans
  • Admiral DanevAdmiral Danev171 Posts: 0Member
    Looks good, not very Trek, still cool, looks like a cross between a shark and a turtle........
  • metalsnakemetalsnake1 Posts: 0Member
    i believe she's very trek the nose you may know is inspired by the defiants nose and the main hull is inspired from a cardassian hedeki ( i think its called ) of course its got a few alterations and an original touch to it hoping that she'll show more trek looks once the detailing work gets under way :)
  • Admiral DanevAdmiral Danev171 Posts: 0Member
    Yeah I could see the Defiants nose, So its a joint Federation/Cardassian ship?
  • metalsnakemetalsnake1 Posts: 0Member
    not technically its kind of after some of the stuff in startrek online the basis behind the background story is that in return for the federation defending cardassian space the cardassians gave up all their military ships and seized to have any military presence ... i guess you could say they handed the federation the blue prints and this is the outcome of that i also noticed you where doing a 2d floor plan and was thinking if you fancied it maybe you could design the floor plan for this ship to which i'd model it in the hull :D
  • Admiral DanevAdmiral Danev171 Posts: 0Member
    Sounds fun. It takes me months to do plans, and Im yet to finish one lol I prefer to do TOS era ships, but see what happens lol
  • OrinackraOrinackra0 Posts: 0Member
    From one Defiant fan to another, I like this. I'll be interested to see how this takes shape. One thing that always seems to happen in Trek is that a fleeing ship will go into the atmosphere and get away because of turbulence or something, you could take this opportunity to add extra hull plates and use those "fins" to give it extra maneuverability.
  • metalsnakemetalsnake1 Posts: 0Member
    thats kind of the plan actually i'm trying to work out the underside so that it keeps a nice shape and style but will allow it to take surface landings if needed i'm also considerring a bay on the underside like a shuttlebay but for vehicles these where very rare in trek and i'd like to bring some stuff to the table in a manner of speaking .... i'm slowly thinking about her deck layout now that i've got most of the hull done

    its a tough choice though do i finish the hull and struggle with the interior later or do i model the decks then redo the hull around the decks gimmie a few days and i hope to have a visual update as to the path i choose :D
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