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2DMini-Guys & Gals Sci-Fi & Super Hero Characters Free Vector Clipart - THIS IS NO SPAM

guzmanangelguzmanangel0 Posts: 0Member
Hey, read carefully cause this is not spam at all! This is sci-fi & superheroes artwork by fellow forum member guzmanangel - alias PixelOz. So beforehand in case any of you think this is some sort of spam, it is not. I just did this artwork and I am giving it to people for free just like I have done before with everything else like my 3D models, wallpapers, etc.

English (In Spanish below - en Espanol abajo)

These are sci-fi & superhero character vector artwork figures that I did just for fun and I uploaded them for other people. I though that maybe you sci-fi and super hero character lovers out there may like this so I decided to share it with you:

These are free Mini-Guys & Gals figures that I started as a sort of a joke with a Japanese 3D paper modeler named Shunichi Makino (from SF Paper Craft Gallery- He doesn't speak too much English and I don't speak Japanese at all and the online translators were not working so well for us.

So I was kinda bored and made some sort of very rustic "comic book" strips with very simple figures to send him a few simple messages graphically cause I had fun doing it.

The thing is that I looked at the simpler and cruder original little figures (done in a haste) and though that they looked kinda good and though that I could make them somewhat better and then fixed and shaded them and I liked how they looked.

I then decided to make them like some of my favorite characters and some very popular characters and it became somewhat of an addiction and little by little I made more and more and then I had a whole bunch of them and I decided to share them with people and here they are.

There are of course some restrictions to their use cause they are characters that belong to other companies so read the included PDF documents about that.

The first page has the original generic characters and the second page the resulting characters that I did using those originals as a base.

The Chapulin Colorado one is a very famous Latin American comedy show character created by internationally acclaimed Mexican comedian Roberto Gomez Bolanoz alias Chespirito which made the character very, very well known in all Latin America and is a tribute to the character that many of us enjoyed and made so many of us Spanish speaking people laugh so much since our childhoods.

There are two sets and you can download them here in Deviantart:

Set 1 -

Set 2 -

And you can also use my Mediafire folder as a secondary download:

En Espanol - In Spanish

Esto son unos conjuntos de cliparts (archivos, conjuntos de imagenes) gratuitos en vector de ciencia ficcion y super heroes.

Pense que tal vez a ustedes los amantes de los personajes del sci-fi (ciencia ficcion) y personajes de super heroes alla afuera les podria gustar esto asi que pense en compartirlo con ustedes:

Estas figuras Mini-Chicos y Chicas comenzaron como una especie de broma entre un disenador de modelos de papel japones llamado Shunichi Makino (de SF Paper Craft Gallery- y yo. El no habla mucho ingles y yo no hablo nada de japones en lo absoluto y los traductores automaticos no estaban funcionando muy bien para nosotros asi que estaba algo aburrido e hice unas especies de tirillas comicas muy rusticas con unas simples figuritas para enviarle a el unos mensajes muy simples de manera grafica porque me estaba entreteniendo con eso.

La cuestion es que mire las algo crudas figuritas originales (hechas muy de prisa) y pense que se veian algo bonitas y pense entonces que tal vez podria hacerlas algo mejor y las arregle algo y decidi sombrearlas y me gusto como quedaron. Entonces decidi hacerlas en forma de algunos de mis personajes favoritos y personajes muy populares y se convirtieron en una especia de adiccion y poco a poco hice mas y mas y entonces ya tenia un monton de ellas y decidi compartirlas con la gente y aqui estan.

Hay por supuesto ciertas restricciones en su uso debido a que son personajes que pertenecen a otras companias asi que lean los PDF incluidos sobre esto.

La primera pagina tiene las figuras originales que son la base y la segunda pagina contiene los personajes resultantes que hice utilizando esos como base.

El Chapulin Colorado por supuesto es nuestro muy famoso personaje comico de America Latina creado por el internacionalmente aclamado comediante mejicano Roberto Gomez Bolanoz alias Chespirito, y es un homenaje al personaje que muchos de nosotros disfrutamos y que hizo que muchos de nosotros de habla hispana rieramos tanto desde nuestra infancia.

Hay dos conjuntos y pueden descargarlos aqui en Deviantart:

Conjunto 1 -

Conjunto 2 -

Y tambien pueden usar my carpeta de Mediafire como descarga secundaria:
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