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REALLY cool 'nod' to Babylon 5 just got a lot cooler.

Triple FTriple F171 Posts: 0Member
When someone recently read whatA’s on this link they got a bit annoyed and complained to NASA A– stating the artists should be blacklisted.!/photo.php?fbid=322007267887673&set=a.283248628430204.70587.178490865572648&type=1&theater

The response?

The Director of Communications at the Spitzer Centre thanked them A– and added a new description beneath the image on the NASA, Spitzer and JPL websites A– which includes the following.

In the popular TV series "Babylon 5" it is the location of the featured space station; as a nod to the show, hidden within the background nebula in this artist concept is a small silhouette that may be familiar to fans of the series. Can you find it?

I guess that idea backfired a bit. ; )
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