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3DFun Mini-project... Can you tell what it is yet?

TrekmadTrekmad2 Posts: 0Member
edited March 2012 in Work in Progress #1
Taking a break from my major models to create something really, just whimsical...

Can you tell what it is yet?

No prizes for guessing :p

Render - 001.jpg
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  • nlancaternlancater0 Posts: 2Member
    ball bearing clock?
  • tekkon7tekkon761 Posts: 0Member
    It looks like my server rack.
  • Dr LeeDr Lee2 Posts: 0Member
    Looks like some sort of training frame or something
  • colbmistacolbmista2 Posts: 0Member
    a kids paly park?
  • IRMLIRML253 Posts: 1,993Member
    it does look like the beginnings of a ball bearing clock
  • NanoGatorNanoGator1 Posts: 0Member
    I know what this is... This is an espresso machine.
  • AahzAahz0 Posts: 0Member
    Once you put the shelves in and get it covered in carpet, it will be a great cat climbing/scratching playplace.
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1662 CaliforniaPosts: 1,940Member
    I'm going to guess some kind of Rube Goldberg machine
  • TrekmadTrekmad2 Posts: 0Member
    Congratulations nlancater and RMNL, you win a cookie! :thumb:

    It is indeed the basic framework for a Rolling Ball Clock.

    Not sure what we're talking about? follow this link...

    I've finished the basic framework, now I've got to puzzle out all the fun angles of the ball ramps.

    Wish me luck! I've got the feeling I'm gonna need it! :confused:

    Render - 002.jpg
  • tekkon7tekkon761 Posts: 0Member
    I agree with NanoGator, it could be an espresso machine... or maybe a water heater.
  • AahzAahz0 Posts: 0Member
    ... or a little hat, or a little brooch, or a little pterodactyl ...
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