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Hello, World.

BlueCatShipBlueCatShip0 Posts: 0Member
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Hi Everyone, I'm new here. First post, and I didn't see an intro / hello thread, so here I am.

I'm a long-time scifi fan, a member over at (and its predecessors) since 2000. (TF itself dates from well after that, it migrated from Kansas.) I'm active at a few other forums too.

A couple of members at, fans of C.J. Cherryh, recommended this site. I've known of, but hadn't joined.

I was one of those who got into what used to be "desktop publishing," back when using a computer for printing and graphic design was heresy. ;) I'm an old Macromedia Freehand user who's now trying to learn Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape.

I've been out of the work field while I was a primary caregiver. I happen to be vision-impaired / legally blind, but oddly enough, that doesn't (yet) preclude working with text and graphics.

I've never done 3D, but when I tried Illustrator's 3D tools (rudimentary) and found myself wanting to overcome the limits I saw, and thinking how to design a shape in 3D, I knew I had the bug.

So here I am. I have Blender just now and will be getting the DAZ3D products, so I can try out 3D and get my feet wet. I feel like I'm about to jump into the deep end without swimming lessons (and maybe without a swimsuit, haha!) but looking forward to learning and playing.

I will be very, very impressed if I can get to anything like the 3D work I've seen on screen or on fan films.

If anyone already knows me, I'll be very surprised to (re-) meet you here!

So, hello, everyone!
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  • PagrinPagrin171 Posts: 0Member
    Hello and well met, Bluecatship. Welcome to the forum. No doubt you'll soon fine you blend right in. :)
  • Maverick EagleMaverick Eagle0 Posts: 0Member
    Hello Bluecatship. Welcome to Sci-fi Forums!! We are glad to have another join our ranks :D
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