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Blender Render/Lighting Artist Wanted

BolianAdmiralBolianAdmiral457 Torrance, CaliforniaPosts: 1,884Member
edited December 2012 in Looking for... #1
Hello, all...

As a couple (or more) of you here may already know, last year Charles Casimiro was kind enough to create a super CGI model for me of the U.S.S. Gemini for me in Blender (which I have, and am slowly learning). The Gemini is a Surya-Class ship that serves as the hero ship in a TOS-era fanfilm production I'm putting together. I already have 4 solid stories set up that I am writing for it. Anyway...

I would like to find a Blender user here who can help me see if something is possible... IMO, the model Casimiro made me is awesome, and I am far beyond happy with it. BUT... I want to see just how far I can push it. I want to see if it's possible to render this model as absolutely close to feature-film quality as possible, with film-like lighting, effects, etc. The purpose is to have a few STILL renders at the highest, most "realistic" quality possible, to serve as promo/publicity-generating images for the fanfilm effort... something that would really "wow" people, and generate traffic for the blog I am going to set up for the production.

I should note that the U.S.S. Gemini model is fully animate-able, with working spinning impeller/ramscoop lights, blinking running lights, and on/off window lights. So it IS possible to do full animations with this ship/model... but I know that's a lot more work, so for now I am only asking for STILL renders.

The thing is that I need to find ONE artist for this, because Casimiro made the Gemini for me absolutely free of charge, and as a condition, he gave me permission to share the model with only ONE trusted person, who would not publicly release the model or distribute it... so whoever does this for me would also be the person I would need to come to again for any future renders of the ship.

The good news is that literally ALL I am asking for is render work... I already have the model, and I know exactly what type of scene I want, and what kind of look I am going for... all of those details will be shared with whoever wants to help with this, and ends up doing so. I'd like to see if we can get results with the model and lighting similar in nature to what's seen in the video below:

So if anyone can help, and is interested in this, please let me know... you will likely end up as our VFX guy, since you'd be the one with the other copy of the Gemini model. Thanks for looking!

- BolianAdmiral
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"Impossible is." - Queen T'Zek, Entomalian Empire


  • JesshannJesshann0 Posts: 0Member
    That video would need a program called V-ray or something like that to be used in blender and would need a lot of time to render. I would assume that video would have taken 20+ render hours to do. If all you needed was stills I would be happy to help, but a full video render would take time. I thought I should maybe post a photo I've made recently using the internal render engine in blender but to know 100% what kind of work you'd need I would need to see the model (just a quick render would be fine) to judge how hard a render might be. Whats the poly count?
    untitled4.jpg another ship render.jpg
  • songokusatsusongokusatsu61 Posts: 11Member
    if your intersted i use blender and green screen if your still looking for a renderer or light rigger il post some of my pics and if you want me im yours
  • BolianAdmiralBolianAdmiral457 Torrance, CaliforniaPosts: 1,884Member
    Hey, thanks for the replies, guys. Right after I posted this, someone from another forum was kind enough to whip up a set of renders for me that I am extremely happy with, so for the time being, I'm good. I should have updated this thread with that info, but it was so long without a reply, I figured nobody was interested, lol. But again, my thanks for the offers... I appreciate it. Below are the links to where you can find reduced-size versions of the images that were rendered for me:
    "Impossible is." - Queen T'Zek, Entomalian Empire
  • songokusatsusongokusatsu61 Posts: 11Member
    i think i got a blender file tos shuttle somewhere lol
  • BolianAdmiralBolianAdmiral457 Torrance, CaliforniaPosts: 1,884Member

    Well, I do need a TOS shuttle in Blender format, so if anyone is willing to share one, I'd be very grateful... so far IDK of any that are publicly available on the 'net.
    "Impossible is." - Queen T'Zek, Entomalian Empire
  • songokusatsusongokusatsu61 Posts: 11Member
    just gone through some on my model files i do have one just got to texture it what reg numbers do you want and what name do you want for the shuttle....once im done with it il send it to you via e-mail ok bud...
  • songokusatsusongokusatsu61 Posts: 11Member
    ps i got the old series type and st.tmp type so let me know what you would like...laters
  • turtleturtle0 Posts: 0Member
    Hey I use blender lol, I would like to help you out if you need anything in the future
  • BolianAdmiralBolianAdmiral457 Torrance, CaliforniaPosts: 1,884Member

    Thanks, guys. songokusatsu: I would like the TOS version of the shuttle, and if possible, I would like the following name and numbers:

    Castor - NCC-1604/1 - U.S.S. Gemini

    Pollux - NCC-1604/2 - U.S.S. Gemini

    "Impossible is." - Queen T'Zek, Entomalian Empire
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