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AnimationStar Trek - The Mutara Battle

mylexmylex0 Posts: 0Member
edited August 2012 in Finished Work #1
Right before christmas I finished my new Video.

The battle in the Mutara nebula of Star Trek II TWOK. It's a combination of CG and movie elements in my personal editing.

Some known movie shots are included, also I put some new stuff in there.

My little christmas gift to the community :) Enjoy the clip and Merry Christmas.


Watching this in HD is recommended
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  • IRMLIRML232 Posts: 1,980Member
    really brilliant, I like the nebula effects a lot

    only thing is I was expecting to see the genesis device exploding and the enterprise warping away from it

    when there's enough threads I shall come back and put this on the header
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801442 Posts: 9,639Member
    Yeah, really great job on the special effects. The parts of the movie blended in worked in some parts better than others (the part about Reliant's command console was out of place and out of context.) But, that's not important. What's important is that it is a very well done animation and special effects piece. As usual with your work, I like that it's not a carbon copy of the original work, you added your own style to it. I'd rather see one good original take on something like this than ten perfect replicas of the original sequence. :)
    IRML wrote: »
    only thing is I was expecting to see the genesis device exploding and the enterprise warping away from it

    Me too.
  • Dr-TimelordDr-Timelord0 Posts: 0Member
    Its a spectacular animation.

    I have to say props still to Dennis Bailey, his enterprise model was created a number of years ago, and its testament to his building abilities that it still holds up amazingly well in the hands of the animators

    Kudos to you both
  • trekkitrekki358 Posts: 921Member
    This is the best Animation what have i seen. In HD very very best.
    The nebula are great and the Warp effect its supi.
    Thank you very much and have a very Chrismas and a happy new year.
    (Sorry my English is not good)
  • SanderleeSanderlee0 Posts: 0Member


    Seriously ... that rocked, ESPECIALLY in HD. I was most impressed by the fact that YOU GET IT. Those ships were graceful and ponderous at the same time. No 70g maneuvers like half-mile long fighter planes, no snap-pans or whip-cuts. Just graceful, elegant, lethal precision.

    Muchly of the kudos and applause.
  • AresiusAresius346 Posts: 4,142Member
    Wow, that's great. I love it. I'm only a bit disappointed by the end. So Kirk blows Khans ship into immobility and leaves him there to rot? Nah, doesn't match up.

    Still lovely work and thanks for such a nice gift. :D
  • mylexmylex0 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks guys for the nice comments :)
  • TralfazTralfaz231 Posts: 774Member
    WOW! The production values keeping getting higher and higher!

    Great job Mylex. How long did it take to render all of that out?

  • mylexmylex0 Posts: 0Member
    Tralfaz wrote: »
    WOW! The production values keeping getting higher and higher!

    Great job Mylex. How long did it take to render all of that out?


    Thanks Al,

    the video has about 28 CG shots, the rendering time was between 4 and 8 hours for each shot. So this was not so much. For this project I spent more time in post work, the sound editing and the nebula backgrounds which were done in After Effects.
  • TrekMDTrekMD188 Posts: 625Member
  • SaquistSaquist0 Posts: 0Member
    Very Good.
    though I didn't gather a liking for the puffs in the warp streaks. The phaser fire was a bit jerky.
  • wisehennwisehenn171 Posts: 0Member
    Great video and models. This has to be one of the greatest Treck battles.
  • mylexmylex0 Posts: 0Member
    Oh....thanks for the Frontpage.....that's a great honor to me :)
  • DaAanDaAan171 Posts: 0Member
    that was absolutly fantastic Mylex
  • Judge DeathJudge Death0 Posts: 0Member
    Amazing work for a home poroduction, it offers hope that someday people can make movies of cinematic quality on very low bodgets and focus on story, plot, characters and other things besides the trash hollywood produces.


    There is no up or down in space, so having reliant 'go down" after being hit may have looked right to some people, but to suggest it was sinking may give hard SF fans a minor twinge. I'd have had her tumble off to the side a bit.

    Last shot of reliant, I'd have had more sparking, plasma and such leaking from her nacelle strut.

    An improvement on the movie would be to have reliants torpedo pod destroyed, but have the cloud spread out differently instead of going straight up, see first comment.
  • japetusjapetus414 SeattlePosts: 858Member
    Amazing work on this mylex! A couple nitpicks like other people, but the quality of everything is outstanding. Great work!
  • TralfazTralfaz231 Posts: 774Member
    Congrats on the front page Mylex!

    I've watched this for the 4th time now and find it more brilliant each time I watch it.

  • jeffabbyjeffabby61 Posts: 32Member
    great job the effects and blending were awesome it looks really sharp .
  • BrokenAlienBrokenAlien0 Posts: 0Member
    Great work!

    The introduction is too long, though. Over 1:30 to get to some action...
  • kennethmdkennethmd181 Posts: 0Member
    Great video artwork. There's one problem the Enterprise didn't follow the the Reliant into the Mutara Nebula. It was the other way around, the Reliant follow the Enterprise into the nebula. The Enterprise engineering hull was damage, which was cause when the Reliant attack the Enterprise, just as soon the Enterprise had arrive in the area.
  • PossumPossum0 Posts: 0Member
    I'm glad someone else pointed that out. I'm kind of new here and didn't want to come across as "nitpicky".

    Other than that, great video!

    (Gawd, was Kirstie skinny back then!)
  • chronoss2008chronoss20080 Posts: 0Member
    and to add to the above the scene where they come up was due to the relients crew thinking to linear which falls to another posters ideal about it veering off and down , when in fact they are and were more likely to go side to side ...and ya on plasma leaks BUT very well all you need do is make the characters and animate the bridge ....and just use audio....( i know its a lot harder then it sounds but i am very impressed )
  • TralfazTralfaz231 Posts: 774Member
    Damned! I just watched this again and was blown away all over again!

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