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hmm... 3D terrain models

EgeriaEgeria61 Posts: 0Member
what sort of tools/programs do people use to make them?

Trying out Large 3D Terrain (L3DT) today, and it looks promising, but we're curious what others are using. (takes time to make a mesh of 1.6x1.6km, particularly when the grid unit size is 0.2m)
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  • MelakMelak332 Posts: 0Member
    Terragen and Vue, I haven't used either though and I think Vue could be pricey
  • EgeriaEgeria61 Posts: 0Member
    Do you know if they are any good on computers not built for heavy-duty work?

    we're having trouble getting L3DT to work... both due to a few bugs and due to memory issues...
  • StarshipStarship311 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,863Member
    You need to try and see.
    Terragen has a free version available, and I believe that Vue has a basic version with a low price. ;)
  • EgeriaEgeria61 Posts: 0Member
    we'll see how the latest attempt in l3dt works first then... figured out how to get it to use a bit less ram (it wanted to use something like 200% of what we had). That will probably take some time, as we told it to generate about a square mile, with 10cm grid. Yes, that is about 250m rectangles, and probably twice that number of polygons. If that fails, it fails.
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