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3DRaumpatrouille Orion

harry33harry33183 Posts: 0Member
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Back on this site after more than one year...
After beeing busy with many different projects I started this one. The background is a German TV Show from 1966. Yes, the same decade as "Star Trek" was starting. The show was called "Raumpatrouille Orion" and lasts only seven episodes (in black/white). The "Orion" was the main starship in this show and was looking very exciting for this time. For me it is an interesting challenge to build this ship new. That means: A variation of the 1966 based design with modifications from today.
Maybe I will create an fitting environment ( Launchbase, Spacestations, other Ships ) for it too. Lets see...:)
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  • MelakMelak172 Posts: 0Member
    Haha haven't seen this one in a long time, I hope you're keeping the stylish spikes ;)
  • AresiusAresius352 Posts: 4,156Member
    Aaaah, the classic. Looking forward for it.
  • harry33harry33183 Posts: 0Member
    Update : Finishing the Lightdome and the Gunport. The gunport was not there at the original model. But I was thinking that a ship like this needs such things to beat the enemies.
    Well...the spikes...:)... They are added at the new ship too. The "Lichtwerfer" ( Lightblaster ) are necessary to keep the original shape of the design. But the new ones are looking more solid, are retractable- and you will see how they blast the enemies away. In fact of the low quality of the special effects at this time you never saw them working in the tv show.
  • AlnairAlnair178 Posts: 255Member
    It's a great pleasure for me to see someone rebuilding the Orion! I'm looking forward to the finished ship - and please don't adhere too closely to the original design. It really has some annoying flaws ;)
  • harry33harry33183 Posts: 0Member
    Hahaha, Alnair, I really know, what you mean!
    Yes, some parts of the ship are looking strange on the point of view from today. Thanks god, I will only build the exterior of the ship. Not the interior with the "ironing tool" and the ice cream spoons. Also on the outside are some parts for changing. So I will give the ship a direction- It means, that I will add details for recognizing the flight direction. In the tv show it is hard to explain in which direction is the front- or the rear of the ship. I also will change the shape of the fins at the underside and some parts at the landing telescope are needing work. If all works well, I got a new old ship.
  • harry33harry33183 Posts: 0Member
    View on the rear of the ship. The circles at the left and right side are the hatches of the shuttlebays.
  • AresiusAresius352 Posts: 4,156Member
    Nice work. The gunports are a bit oddly placed, they won't have a big range of fire that way.
    I always thought that any "broad" weapondry (as in mass weapons, weapons the ship has as standart, like the Lichtbatterien) are located in the rim, where they have the greatest coverage going both dorsal and ventral. Becasue in the end, weapons mounted at the "topmost" end have a very limited range and arc.

    Besides, I think ou mean we never see the weapons-fire. Because we saw them blowing up a couple of Frog-ships at the end of Desserteure after the Orion destroyed their base at AC-1000. We also saw EAS VII blow up one ship during Invasion, also with no visible weapons-fire. But the Frogs do have weapons fire.
    Technically, that means someone was wise enough to realise that a Lichtwerfer really is invisible as light itself cannot be seen.
    That also means that the Frogs use a non-light weapon that is stronger than those of the humans.
  • harry33harry33183 Posts: 0Member
    Yes, Aresius, you are right. Gunports placed at the top of the ship are having a limited range. Lets see... At the rim is a good idea, so they can fire nearly to every target. But there are these rings placed at the Orion... A good challenge to find a solution for this!!!!
    And yes!!! The one who has created the firing of the Lichtwerfer must have a master in phycics. Basically you cant see any lightbeams- or laserbeams in space because there is no atmosphere. But, in my opinion, imagine a Star Wars or Star Trek Movie without this- and correct: Also without sound....Snore,snore...:) By the way: The use helmets in space with holes big as a fist on top of that to breathe in space...Is this strange too? OK, I will turn to serious mode now and go on with my work...
    Thanks again!!!!
  • harry33harry33183 Posts: 0Member
    This is the actually view on the top of the ship. I will add some guns at four points of the rim soon. I have some spheres, containing unidirectional guns in mind. I have to sleep one night over it...
  • lennier1lennier1509 Posts: 1,179Member

    Any plans to upgrade the Hydra as well?
  • harry33harry33183 Posts: 0Member
    Yes, I have thought of it. But I guess, it will look totally different then because I dont like the design of the ship very much. It was not detailed, the shape was loking like an american pie. If I do this, it will be look more than a modified Orion with some extras.
    But it is a good idea to do this. After the Orion I will study the design of the frog ships. I cant tell, do I like the design or not. It is very....extraterrestial. But I will modify those ships too. Really, I never thought before to spend so much time in some models of the tv show!!!! :)
  • AresiusAresius352 Posts: 4,156Member
    A couple of things I know or considered as canon:

    The spikes are no weapons. They are too limited in firing arc, but would make good sensory antennas, or general signal-antennas (for communication). The seen effects of the Overkill projectors give us a few hints to how the weapon works. When blowing up the Harpalus crater, it's like a giant jet of rock. That means the weapon somehow manages to dislodge the atomar gravity and unbind the atoms themselves. They require more space and thus erupt. Effectively, this would put the Overkill weapon intot he range of Disintegrators. We could assume it's the spikes, but as said, they wouldn't make much sense, you'd have to finetune the ships positioning towards the target everytime you want to shoot, and as we can see fromt he one scene where they blow up the Flog-ships after AC-1000 fell, they didn't.
    The Lichtwerfer must be some kind of laser weapondry, and we know from a statement, that the Orion is originally equipped with 4 Lichtwerferbatterien. That'd also disquialify the 3 spikes.

    As per the whole concept of locomotion, you can speculate on 3 common forms of engine.
    Anti-gravity (or Magnetkissen as they called it - magnetic cushion as I translate it), which they use when landing on a planetoid or other smaller object before extending their landing tower. This can either be the fins on the lower area, or the bright lines you sometimes see (I think they're metal linings).
    Subspace-engine. According to a (fanmade but based upon the production records) Orion manual, it's a photon engine that works much like a giant flashlight propelling photons away and thus bringing the ship to speed. Since the rim is always lit, we can presume that this is where the engine/nacelle/generator sits, this also explains why the Orion is always seen flying around horizontally, even when landing or going upwards.
    Hyperspace engine. Well, we can only speculate, but that'd be pretty much like the StarWars/Stargate system of hyperspace... Personally, I presume this to be the central spire with the rotating light. Why? Dunno, it just seems reasonable that a disk-like ship bores itself through the fabric of space.

    My personal thoughts on this is as follows: The rim has the sublight-engine, but puctured are pockets of weapons, one battery every quadrant. Since we don't know how many Lichtwerfer aare in one battery, this can mean that every 1 meter, or every 5 meters, we encounter one such weapon. Likely sitting before the actual engine, which, being a radial engine, would not be hindered by a few weapons cowering before it.
  • stephan_skastephan_ska171 Posts: 0Member
    Harry33 you're running a great job. :thumb:
    I'll watch this thread closely !

  • Kmpr´rakKmpr´rak171 Posts: 12Member
    Great. Absolutely, thanks for this thread!
  • harry33harry33183 Posts: 0Member
    First I will say thank you to all who are watching this thread and giving me inspiration! It is pleasant to get such feedbacks!
    The spikes are really a complicated thing. I have constructed them more solid than the original ones to make it visually clear : These are cannons. They are retractable now and can move nearly completed inside the hull. Yes, I have thought about this "Lichtwerfer" theory too. But I dont take this too serious. Yes, they also can be antennas...who knows..? I have done some researches about the ship too. Long before I was starting to construct it. The facts are- There are really no facts!!! :) Most parts of the informations- also on the fanpages, are speculations. What I want to say is : Dont take this thing too serious! It will be a nice ship ( I hope so ) and it will be something we have to talk about! The next update will follow soon. I have some ideas about the cannons at the rim now (maybe these can be the four "Lichtwerfer"?). Weekend is coming...:)
  • harry33harry33183 Posts: 0Member
    A "little" update. Just some detailed work on the panels of the top. This weekend I will add some parts and work further on the landing telescope, what is containing the elevator for the landing party.
  • KilminsterKilminster0 Posts: 0Member
    Since you are updating the design you may not need it but there are a few interesting pictures on the web at

    While being old enough I actually was not aware that there was a card deck (for a German variant of the game Go Fish) that was apparently used as the foundation for one of the pics.

    It's good to see that old Baby fly again after so many years.
  • harry33harry33183 Posts: 0Member
    Hi Kilminster!
    Thank you for posting this link! guess it...I have seen it before. But it is not bad to do this because there is not much about this ship in the internet and I be happy to get much information as I can about it! So it was a very good idea!
    I hope too that the baby will fly again. I try to keep the memory less so I can do some animations with it. Today I was busy with a different model but tomorrow I will go on with the "Orion 9"!
    Have a nice weekend! :)
  • publiusrpubliusr286 Posts: 1,402Member
    I had a dream about a space station that looked like a cross between this and the stations over at

    I was in a library and there were these old late 70's early 80's books on what spaceflight was to have looked like by now. Filled with images. A little kid hit me over the head with a book and afterwards went over to an internet kiosk.

    Good suacer for other uses too.
  • kuckuk333kuckuk333178 Posts: 209Member
    i always asked myself what size does the Orion have?
  • StarshipStarship295 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,858Member
    Cool to see this wip! I know the books, cause 14 titles of this series were published in Brazil at the middle of 70A’s.
  • lennier1lennier1509 Posts: 1,179Member
    kuckuk333 wrote: »
    i always asked myself what size does the Orion have?
    You'd have to extrapolate that from images where a Lancet is seen next to her and shots of the full-scale Lancet next to a standing actor.
    But it's not really reliable since back in those days they simply determined the element size by what looks good.
  • harry33harry33183 Posts: 0Member
    Hi friends!
    @ Kuckuk333 : I will post a picture from the ship together with a human dummy soon. I am working on different parts, also on the landing telescope. The shape of it will be different to the original one. And it will be important for the whole size of the ship because it will have doors.
    Meanwhile you can take the advice from Lennier 1 ( Thanks too ) .
    @ Starship : Wow, I never heard of this before. This is very interesting! In Germany we had only 7 episodes of this tv show. I always thought no one outside from Germany knows about it! Thank you for this interesting information!
  • lennier1lennier1509 Posts: 1,179Member
    They're probably translations of the short novels which were released back in those days. IIRC they made over a hundred of those.
  • AresiusAresius352 Posts: 4,156Member
    Given the views of the telescope up close (like when they landed on a planet or object, like the planetiods of the N-group, or the mining colony Pallas) stand you can deduce that the base is about 3 meters in square. Using this, and the size of the figures when seeing the crew manning the ship in their deep-sea base (in almost every episode), you can deduce that the extended shaft is 38 meters tall. Given this figure, you can deduce the size of the saucer from the shots where the Orion lands on some planet as a diameter of 150 meters, and a saucer height of 32 meters.
  • harry33harry33183 Posts: 0Member
    Just working on the gun spheres. Some details and textures are coming in the next step. The spheres will be placed at the ring of the ship so they can fire around it.
  • harry33harry33183 Posts: 0Member
    This is the undersite of the Orion. The fins are attached, but....I will be true...I dont like the original design with these fins! I think about a round, not cornered surface, so I can add panels and some more things on it. My imagination is a "real" landing gear and a redesigned landing telescope.
    Something was in my mind too: In the old show you can see the vertical start of the ship. Is it not easier and more realistic, if the ship is starting like an airplane? In my opinion is a vertical start very hard to handle because the air resistance is very high.
    Something to think about...;)
  • AlnairAlnair178 Posts: 255Member
    Nice progress so far! You are right, the fins do indeed look strange. In their current form they are one of the weak aspects of the original design. My two cents. ;)
  • AresiusAresius352 Posts: 4,156Member
    well, considering that they have some kind of weird super-strong transparent stuff that can withstand thousands of meters of underwater pressure, you can either say the fins are made of that material for whateverian reasons, or blame it on some kind of engine part.

    As per the vertical liftoff, that's what I actually loved most about the Orion. Think about it: They have those robots that can hover, and obviously have a anti-gravity system that allows them to park their ships right above ground like that while extending the landing shaft. How, if you have such an anti-gravity field that keeps you in place at a certain density/emmiter-strength, why not overpower the output? You'd skyroket literally with little to no resistance. ;)
  • harry33harry33183 Posts: 0Member
    Aresius..mmhhhh...Yes...This can be the reason for those fins and the kind of starting the ship this way! Truly, the vertical lift off was one of my favourite scenes too. And it was an amazing idea at that time! I also love the imagination with a culture living in the deep of an ocean. It was a "Pre Stargate Atlantis" imagination. Not bad for the 60s. The reason why I had those thoughts in my mind is : I will create a launchbase for the Orion. And I have to decide, which way it leaves the station. The underwater scene will not work properly on my computer. Maybe the station will have the top above the surface of the sea? Lets see...Now I will work further at the underside of the ship...
    Thanks again for inspiration!!!;)
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