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3DLego Supercar



  • japetusjapetus1606 SeattlePosts: 1,176Member
    Great job!! Now you just have to 3d print all the parts out for your own set ;)
  • thorGTthorGT0 Posts: 0Member
    This is so damn awesome. I'm a big Technic fan myself, got about 0.5 cubic meter of LEGO parts lying in the garage, I think. Although I've never seen this exact model. Wel, I actually have the Formula 1 yellow car, and it has similar features, like suspension and the animated V-engine. Oh, it also has a steering mechanism. I think that model was one of the first ones to incorporate that new LEGO Technic part, the flexible wires with ball joints, remember?

    Armondikov, could you please make a close-up clay render of the axle/cog complication that is hidden beneath the car body? The one you have already shown in a wire render. I'd like to see some details there, looks like they got some custom cog parts in that complication. This means that I most probably will not be able to build a similar car myself, I'm most definitely missing those cog parts.
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