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3D Artists Needed - FW Tides of War (A Freelancer - Star Wars Total Conversion Mod)

Hi, I'm Sizer (I know my username says otherwise), the Graphic Design Lead for Freeworlds: Tides of War, a Star Wars Total Conversion Mod for the game Freelancer

We're a moderately sized team of about 15 individuals, and right now, my department is sorely understaffed. What I specifically need right now are UV Mappers/Texture Artists. Most of our Starship models are completed, but we also have plenty of room to grow in the Station/Solar Object department as well. But what I definitely need in a more immediate sense is those willing to UV and Texture existing models. The level of detail required for this work is not TOO terribly high, but it should look nice. Freelancer is a dated engine, but we've brought it forward a few years by upgrading it from DirectX8 to DirectX9 (no small feat, thanks to our DX guru, W0dk4), so I will be looking for people who have experience with normal and specular mapping (though this is not a requirement)

Lastly, the compensation. We will be starting a closed beta test in mid May. If you do work, you get access, plain and simple. And who wouldn't want access to this -


So if you're interested in being part of a good team for an fun and exciting project, just shoot me an email at anubis714(at)gmail(dot)com
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