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Looking for Space Shuttle blueprints/diagrams

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Tally ho!

Ever since I saw the two distinct dots of Discovery and ISS fly above my head the night before touchdown in mid-March, I got this strange fascination and obsession about the Shuttle. Through the Bad Astronomy blog I found some astounding and interesting videos and images (such as photos taken by the ISS crew, on-board camera footage of the two SRBs during launch or even the foreboding flight-deck video of the last Columbia re-entry) and I got hooked with the idea of trying to model a shuttle in Blender -- it would be far less complex than a star trek ship to be sure :lol: at least if I keep to the exterior for the start.

But for that undertaking I need source material. I did find some highly detailed diagrams, but they were either isometric projections in cut-away style or low-resolution scans, and almost all were without any dimensions. So I got the idea to ask here whether anyone could provide some resources on that matter.

Ideally of course, that would be orthogonal views of all orientations with measurements, and preferably some cross-sections as well so I don’t have to fall back on the three Is I just made up: interpretation, imagination and interpolation. :p

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