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3DMech Warrior Ancestor

Fre'dniFre'dni0 Posts: 0Member
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Well, started on a chassis for what was going to me a Mech model. Started thinking about what inspired the military, to use that design, in that reality. A Mars explorer seemed like a good idea. This is the start, and advice would be welcomed on what doo dads it would need(antennas, other assorted fancy stuff, and of course, advice on the mesh itself).
Any advice is welcome.
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  • JennyJenny1 Posts: 0Member
    Antennae, both whip and dish; cameras; manipulators; racks for storing samples... just a few things that spring right to mind.
  • dwldwl0 Posts: 0Member
    I'd start with military aircraft images. The V-22 Osprey and MH-60 Knighthawk spring to mind. The military aircraft in Avatar would be quite good for those kinds of references.
  • LockeFPLockeFP171 Posts: 0Member
    Or perhaps an actual Mars Rover?
  • Lizzy777Lizzy777857 PNWPosts: 667Member
    Mech Warrior? That automatically brings to mind BattleTech's Mackie.
    Now if you're more into the "Prototype walking tank" design, there's a lot of places you could look.

    As far as equipment, what's the main goal for your design? Is it simply a testbed for a variety of equipment? Will it be a mobile gun platform, or more of an explorer? Will it do work (construction, mining, farming, etc.)? Since you put in what appears to be a cockpit, that shows it's piloted. So you'll want some sort of indication of environmental systems. Vents, access hatches, handles, rescue apparatus, and the like.

    All in all, depending on the overall mission for this bit of equipment will dictate what's mounted on it.
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  • Fre'dniFre'dni0 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks for the info. Jenny hit its purpose right on.
    The Explorer is designed to, basically its name, explore. Rock/soil/atmospheric samples, with ground search radar, cameras, whatever for observations. Also extends the time its pilot can search terrain, with basic living conditions.
    It deploys from the mother ship. Which will be either from it landed, or from orbit. Whichever decided will influence the design.

    Will have the basic ground transport style, of a Scout Walker, from Starwars fame. Designs for its feet are in limbo, not knowing consistency of Martian soil. Manipulator arms I am still wondering if to add.
    Lol, basically, I created this WIP for 2 reasons. One is for the challenge, and two, let some of the modelers here, who are engineers at heart, to add to its finished design. Plus give the basic design that influenced the military of the Mech Warrior genre
  • Fre'dniFre'dni0 Posts: 0Member
    well, started a little detail on chassis, and a couple of different angle
    The height worries me, tried to set proportions for 2 meter clearance inside it, but normal height will be least 8.5 meters. Also excuse the missing legs and feet. Some crazed blue colored martian hunting a rabbit stole them.
    The cylinder at the rear, is the entrance/airlock for passengers. Snagged that idea from Armegeddon. Retracts into the explorer, when not in use.
  • Randy TjangRandy Tjang0 Posts: 0Member
    Sorta reminds me of the Blue Midget (Red Dwarf).
  • Tochiro76Tochiro760 Posts: 0Member
    You have to remember what the first mechs in that story were used for, they were originally construction mechs I think is how it went. Makes me think of that trash can mech that has simple gun arms no elbows and the cockpit is on top of the trash can shaped torso. There was an episode of the tv show big O where roger had to fight a giant construction robot it was very simple looking. When I think first mechs that may have been construction equipment I think of things like no armor at all and big window cockpits so the operators can see what they are doing easily etc. Wires hanging out and exposed hydraulics with construction paint job that kind of thing.
  • dwldwl0 Posts: 0Member
    NASA built a rover for going to Mars but it never actually will. You might be able to see it if you can find one of the recent episodes of Top Gear.
  • BerkutBerkut0 Posts: 0Member
    hey, a non military walker, that's a pretty rare sight, heh, keep it up :thumb:
  • Fre'dniFre'dni0 Posts: 0Member
    Gentlemen/ladies, thanks for the input. It will have exposed cables, and what nots(greebles). The design, can be modified for construction use for assisting in building a colony. The boxy objects for the original design, carry cameras, scanners for exploration. They rotate. The mechanism can be swapped out for lifter arms, for future use .
    I am wondering if I should include a manipulator arm beneath the cockpit, for a drill to take soil samples, for the occupants. Any suggestions for the feet? I am thinking along lines of 3 toes, with a look similar to a ducks foot. Also any suggestions for the cockpit material colors, specularity, would be appreciated
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