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2DAd Astra flies again!

Judge DeathJudge Death0 Posts: 0Member
edited February 2011 in Finished Work #1
A long time ago I tried doing a Traveller based webcomic called "Ad Astra". I wanted to finish at least the initial story arc but had some problems.

('1. the format I was using required people to scroll all over to read each issue.

('2. The image files were often big, like in near or over a meg as I had to use .png format to make the transparent gradients I used to make various work since they only worked in 24 bit color and not 256 colors, and photobucket had that image size limit I kept hitting.

('3. I had a lot of BS going on in my life.

Well, I'm trying to finish the initial Ad Astra storyline, called "Red Zone Blues" and have tried to solve as many of the problems I had as best I can.

('1. I'm using a new strip format that only requires up/down scrolling after you zoom the image to full size.

('2. I'm using a file sharing system instead of photobucket so image file size isn't much of a problem now.

('3. I still have a lot of bad s--- in my life, but I guess I always will.:(

So here's the first converted Ad Astra strips. Feedback is welcome.
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