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3DF-44C Rapier



  • Knight26Knight26191 Posts: 837Member

    Hey Klavs any more progress, loved where you took these, and am aching for me, especially want to see what else you have done with the 'Claw and Kilrathi craft.
  • Klavs81Klavs81224 Posts: 197Member
    Couple of updates. The Hornet now has giant wing lasers in underwing pods, more in keeping with the spirit of the original, I think.

    Hard at work on the 'Claw right now.
    B.JPG 96.9K
    D.JPG 38.7K
    H.JPG 476.9K
  • colbmistacolbmista2 Posts: 0Member
    the muddle ones the best
  • Knight26Knight26191 Posts: 837Member
    The big lasers are a welcome return, but don't remove the smaller nose lasers. Make the big guns exactly that, larger cannons used for special missions, like bomber interception, SEAD, CAS, etc... Keep the smaller lasers for normal use, i.e. the are fine against last large targets, but don't have the punch needed for taking on larger more heavily fortified targets. They can be mission specific then, and you can equip those hard points with fuel or sensor pods for recon and long range patrol without completely sacrificing armaments. Also say that the big guns have their own internal batteries so they are only good for a set number of shots, like the guns pods on modern fighters.
  • ElowanElowan0 Posts: 0Member
    all 3 are interesting
  • Klavs81Klavs81224 Posts: 197Member
    Here's an update on the Tiger's Claw
    B.JPG 73.7K
    C.JPG 82.2K
  • colbmistacolbmista2 Posts: 0Member
    where do you get your referance for wingcommander?
  • Knight26Knight26191 Posts: 837Member
    Nice work on the SWC 'Claw. Now how about a Raptor and a Broadsword? Or some Kat ships?
  • HaturodHaturod0 Posts: 0Member
    colbmista wrote: »
    where do you get your referance for wingcommander?

    Usually the manuals have pretty good reference :)
  • Maverick EagleMaverick Eagle0 Posts: 0Member
    The Carrier kinda reminds me of the Super Carrier in Armada. She looks heavy, tough, and mean. kinda what a strike carrier should be and worthy of the name Tiger's Claw. I'm not sure about the engine's however. I know your going for a more realistic modern approach to the vessels but the Engines do kinda scream shoot me. I would recommend having more engines to give her a more classical look, not to mention more engines increases her survival chances. This is afterall the ship that fought and survived Custer's Carnival. I also think you should try to put some small wing stubs and some radar or communication systems.
  • Maverick EagleMaverick Eagle0 Posts: 0Member
    On second thought scratch the radar and comm systems i just saw the bridge lol. Your ship looks like it can give a Battlestar a run for its money
  • Klavs81Klavs81224 Posts: 197Member
    Thanks guys, here's a couple more shots with some more added detail. Gotta get those hangar decks done!
    A.JPG 131.3K
    B.JPG 34.8K
    C.JPG 9.7K
    D.JPG 14.3K
  • wminsingwminsing171 Posts: 0Member
    The fighters look good, and LOVE the new Claw. Nice work!

  • Knight26Knight26191 Posts: 837Member
    Looking great Klavs, question how do you plan to arrange the hanger, as a part of the main runway deck, or as a separate bay/deck, possibly under the main runway?
  • Klavs81Klavs81224 Posts: 197Member
    Knight, the hangar deck is still a WiP, but here's a single seat Scim'
    A.JPG 85.8K
  • Klavs81Klavs81224 Posts: 197Member
    Raptor's on deck... :)
  • ComcoComco317 Posts: 1,281Administrator
    Really like where this one is heading, Klavs...I hope you don't mind some suggestions for to take or leave as you see fit...:)

    This is going to sound a little weird, but I love the side shot...It looks sleek and fast, but the front quarter view looks quite...not sleek... :)

    I think it's the fact the "join" between the main fuselage and the upper wing is so far above the lower join. I'd also bring the lower wing join inwards to slim up the fuselage a bit as well...
  • Mikey-BMikey-B0 Posts: 0Member
    It'll be interesting to see what you do with the Broadsword. It reminded me of a B-25..
  • StarSlayerStarSlayer0 Posts: 0Member
    They are all looking great, I'm going to agree with some of Comco's points though. I think setting up the bottom wing root as an intake would be a nice compromise between the current model and Comco's suggestion about slimming the entire thing down. My other off the wall suggestion would be putting a AH-64 style TADS in the nose. You can see my suggestions below done is stunning MS Paint in about 30 seconds :P

  • ComcoComco317 Posts: 1,281Administrator
    The intake idea is a very cool...As is the TADS addition. :)

    But it is of course your design at the end of the day Klavs. :cool:
    Looking forward to seeing updates...
  • Tochiro76Tochiro760 Posts: 0Member
    I always liked the raptor in the original wing commander game. Seemed to have the best gun loadout.

    The guns on this model look kinda flimsy though, maybe beef them up a bit? Raptor was known for being a heavy fighter right? Also a fav pastime of many wing commander players is to just ram the enemy ship:-) Those long flimsy guns won't survive ramming into say the scimitar or one of the kilrathi heavy fighters. The scimitar in this thread actually looks like a good ramming ship. I first played wing commander on the snes along with secret missions. Many times I would get frustrated with an enemy ship that would try to speed up just before I could get a bead on it from the rear and so I would just hit afterburners and ram it lol!
  • StarSlayerStarSlayer0 Posts: 0Member
    On the wing tips? Klavs can correct me if I'm wrong but those look like rail launchers for wingtip ordinance not KEWs, take a look at a F-16 or F-18 and you can see the similarities.
  • Klavs81Klavs81224 Posts: 197Member
    Tochiro, StarSlayer,

    Missiles are internal, I tried to re-think the "Neutron Gun" as a kind of close range radiation projector (Something like the "Little Doctor" from Ender's Game), and I think it stands to reason that something like that wouldn't necessarily look like a "gun" so the upper protrusions are shaped more like deadly radiation projecting antennae. The lower fin projections are a combination ECM/Landing Skid.

    As for the Mass drivers, they measure out to about 30mm in diameter so they have plenty of punch! They must also have a huge internal magazine. I don't ever recall running out of ammo when flying the Raptor :)
  • Knight26Knight26191 Posts: 837Member
    Very nice thinking Klavs, I like it alot. Quick question though, you use Modo correct? I like the work that it turns out, how intuitive is it, and do you know if it can read/import autocad DWG drawings? All my stuff is in that format and I would hate to have to start from scratch all over again.
  • Klavs81Klavs81224 Posts: 197Member
    Knight, I use it all the time on .DXFs, and it doesn't seem to have any problems, but you should download the trial version and play with it, see if it works for you! It's a great program that, like everything else, has it's limitations, but I've never worked with anything so "relaxing" to use. I'm not fighting the program at all!
  • TovetteTovette5 Posts: 13Member
    I just switched over to modo 501 as well. It's a sweet program. And that Raptor is freaking awesome. Nice job!
  • wminsingwminsing171 Posts: 0Member
    Sweet! The Raptor was by far my favorite ride in WC1, and this is a great rendition of her. Interesting idea on the neutron guns being hard radiation projectors, I like it!

  • Klavs81Klavs81224 Posts: 197Member
    Raptor Update
    1.JPG 126.9K
    2.JPG 383.4K
    3.JPG 398.4K
    4.JPG 169.6K
    5.JPG 127.7K
  • Klavs81Klavs81224 Posts: 197Member
    After a lot of design analysis and a period of prototyping, I'm very pleased to be announcing 3d prints of my WC inspired fighters!

    First up, the Rapier & Scimitar available in 1/600 scale (About 40 cm [1.57 in] long) and 1/300 scale (About 80 cm [3.149 in] long)

    These models cheap as I can make them for you guys, and thank you for your support over the years!

    I'll be making my version of the Raptor and a new Hornet and Rapier available soon. There may also be some more "feline" models in the future.

    The Frosted Ultra Detail printing from Shapeways allows details as small as 0.003 mm to show through. You've got panel lines, thrusters, radiators. The only thing missing is the scorch marks on the sides of the ships.

    Keep in mind that the final product will require a bit of sanding, as the 3D printing process applies some extremely minor "terracing". Regular model paints and glues will work fine after gently washing the model with dish soap.
    r1.JPG 151.9K
    s1.JPG 311.6K
    r2.JPG 415.4K
    s2.JPG 64.3K
  • ElowanElowan0 Posts: 0Member
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