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2DImperial Ships Comparison Chart



  • DornraxDornrax332 Posts: 38Member
    Despite my initial thoughts of a ship being 260 km as ridiculous, I somehow liked its design and saved it from Wolf's shipyard years ago though there were many other fan creations I saw then. But I forgot to note the name of its creator. I left it alone until recently when I finally completed the Tarkin I & II classes texturing and was progressing to choose the other Imperial ships to add to my Imperial Ships Comparison chart + preparing my own alternate evolution path of the Imperial Remnants building/retrofitting/upgrading a huge armada. Somehow, a prickling hit me to look again at the Imperium-Class.

    So now have completed texturing another fan creation.

    Is "BobTheNinja" the creator of the Imperium-Class Ultra Star Destroyer?
  • DornraxDornrax332 Posts: 38Member
    Wanted to create a slightly different look and modified as I was progressing through. Thus decided to name this Imperium II-Class Ultra Star Dreadnought.

    1. I modified its axial cannon area to have a slight wedge down as was thinking that to fire a devastating point canon that equals to or may be slightly more powerful than the Death Stars' planet destroying laser cannons, it must store some amount of its technologies somewhere near the cannon albeit more advanced and efficient in compact form. But of course the source power should run through near the entire length of ship.

    2. While the creator's design looks nice overall, I thought the ship looked a little too skinny along at some point of its hull and at that length, its like an accident waiting to break it in half. So I thickened the entire body frame to make it a little more robust looking.

    3. I decreased the Command Tower and Bridge size as much to nearer the Tarkin I & II ships' Towers whereby the main sensors, shields domes and whatever else are positioned near the bridge area. Yes, its still incredibly huge and dwarfs an entire Star Destroyer by several times. Further after scaling the Executor and Vengeance classes by pixel length as a comparison, the entire command bridge tower including the Dorsal Fin (Sensors) even supersedes them in mass.

    4. Due to using Microsoft Paint to texture it in a rather crude 2D form, I couldn't adhere to the actual hull design where it originally shows quite a number of protruding shapes and little boxes. I just got plain lazy and left the main body rather simple throughout to give an impression of size = hardly able to see anything unless its built extremely huge.

    But because it was simpler, I was able to construct out a top view shape of it just to have a perspective of its size and mass as a scale next to (from left to right) ships like the Executor-Class, Vengeance-Class, Silencer-Class World Devastator, Imperator-Class, Sovereign-Class (I followed Eville Jedi's design rather than the other web versions), and fan made Super Star Dreadnoughts like the Tarkin I & II classes.
  • DornraxDornrax332 Posts: 38Member
    Assuming in an era after Palpatine's death, there arose a very powerful Dark Lord of the Sith who decided to conquer and unify most of the Imperial Remnants who dispersed after the Emperor's death and loss of the 2nd Death Star at Endor.

    This Dark Lord chooses to build an armada based on efficient practicality when we assume human manpower (still an Imperial doctrine allowing only human or humanoid in most aspects to serve in a military function) is not so easily recruited & trained by the trillions during a time when the New Republic was establishing its political presence together with the many alien allies in the known regions + many of the ex-Imperial humans who survived either fled or switched sides.

    The logistical nightmare of continuing the existing Imperial Military Academies & installations located at strategic centres where there are bountiful humans thriving on planets nearby have become a luxury the Imperial Remnant can ill afford with the massive propaganda exploited by the New Republic of their embarrassing loss at Endor and death of the Emperor. Further, the disarming of such training facilities and scrutiny by the New Republic and its many allies would further dampen the Imperial Remnant Moffs' hopes to continue as they were at their height of power.

    So what does this Dark Lord decide?
    1st, he chooses strategic unknown regions extremely rich in resources for rebuilding.

    2nd, he breaks tradition with allowing only 1 apprentice. He clones and splices an entire division of new adepts to learn and master a facet of the Dark Side but yet controlling them with a Master Order should they ever decide to try and betray him. These adepts would serve as the unquestioning loyal Enforcers and extension of his will should any Moffs, Admirals, Generals, or military ever decide to break free and attempt to set up their own fiefdom.

    3rd, he orders military forces cloning + to train all of the cloned personnel by basing the DNAs on carefully selected human specimens with especially high aptitudes suited for the different roles and responsibilities needed.

    4th, he also orders the construction of new factories that would focus heavily on building advanced droids with the needed amount of A.I. to complement the current Imperial humans & humanoids still serving in the Imperial Remnants.

    5th, he covertly subverts many KDY & SFS engineers including the various alien races of the Mon Calamari, Geonosians and others to improve & retrofit current warships + design and build new warships.

    So starts the rebuilding in quiet and away from the vast intelligence and network of the New Republic and its allies.

    I chose only the main Military Vessels & I did some calculations in 3 seperate excel sheets & segregated them into Armadas by the names:
    1. ANNIHILATOR - 503,050 vessels

    2. DECIMATOR - 503,050 vessels

    3. TRIUMVATOR - 1,459,099 vessles

    TOTAL = 2,465,199 vessels

    I was going by multipliers of 1 : 2 or 1 : 3.
    1 x Tarkin-Class Super Star Dreadnought (Grand Command / Mobile Fortress) : 3 x Ferocious-Class Super Star Dreadnoughts (Grand Command / Super Battleship) : 6 x Eclipse 1-Class Star Dreadnoughts (Command / Battleship) & so forth
    By the time it reaches to the smallest warships, the most numerous would be the Corvettes that spread out & conduct long range scouting ahead of Battle Fleets including those that remain by the side of the larger warships like Star Destroyer classes & above as escorts to counter enemy fighters + conduct short range scouting, route tracking and monitoring.
  • DornraxDornrax332 Posts: 38Member
    << exactly same structure therefore attaching only 1st section, Grand Command / Mobile Fortress "TARKIN II-CLASS SUPER STAR DREADNOUGHT" >>
  • DornraxDornrax332 Posts: 38Member
    3rd Post - IMPERIAL REMNANT 3RD GRAND ARMADA - TRIUMVATOR : 1,459,099 warships
    << exactly same structure but under the "IMPERIUM I & II-CLASS ULTRA STAR DREADNOUGHTS", they include the TWILIGHT COMMAND ELITE ARMADA which in total comprises 1,006,102 warships. So am attaching only the 1st section comprising the 2 ULTRA STAR DREADNOUGHTS + TWILIGHT COMMAND ELITE ARMADA & the last section showing the total numbers of non-command warships >>
  • DornraxDornrax332 Posts: 38Member
    I really hate to invoke foul necromancy upon a two-year dead thread, buuuut... I bring details regarding the Tarkin. The capsule description found here is accurate to the designer's original intent:

    I should know... I dreamed the big bastard up a decade and a half back when I was younger and dumber. I still think the design is feasible, but with superships being a dime a dozen in Star Wars I'm pretty embarrassed by her. I think I've managed to successfully lose all copies of the even more ridiculous Tarkin-III. Man, I just didn't know when to quit back in the day...

    Daniel Haughton: Thank you! I just re-read your post to realize you are the original creator of Tarkin II. Kudos & sorry I didn't realize it earlier. Anyways, gave credits to you in this Fan Wiki:
    Nathan Rubric
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