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3DDalek Tardis a.k.a DARDIS

calamity_sicalamity_si1 Posts: 0Member
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A time/space machine built by the Daleks specifically to hunt down and exterminate the Doctor. Like the Doctor's own TARDIS it is bigger on the inside but it does not have a chameleon circuit to help it to blend in with its surroundings.There are two versions shown here. The first is with the landing legs extended and the second shows how they fold in during transit.

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  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    Hmm interesting design, im assuming this is designed to be sued with the 2010 Daleks

    Will you be doing the interior as well?
  • AresiusAresius357 Posts: 4,167Member
    I don't even remember how a DARDIS has looked in the older versions.

    Nice work here.
  • SphynxSphynx195 Posts: 461Member
    From what I can remember, the original use of the Dalek TARDIS was without chameleon circuits operating. In many ways, it just looked like a plain white box (taking into account BW TV) with a swinging-door type arrangment (a little more complex than that, but it's a bit difficult to describe without using multiple paragraphs...)

    Trying to get everything designed to a consistent style (from a Dalek point of view, why bother?) is a much later event. It's really 5th, maybe even 6th DW incarnation before the show started that.
  • calamity_sicalamity_si1 Posts: 0Member
    Cheers for the comments fellas! I'm gonna carry on adding a bit more detail on this before starting on the interior. It's true that the old Dardis' were very basic in shape, which is why I thought a revamp would be fun to do. The design uses elements that are similar to the new 2010 Daleks but hopefully looks original in it's own right. I've already posted a thread about my new Daleks which are now complete, so I'm gonna have some fun with this and treat it like a virtual playset complete with Dalek figures. Who says grown-ups can't play? Lol!
  • calamity_sicalamity_si1 Posts: 0Member
    An animation showing the DARDIS travelling through the Vortex!

  • Dr.SleepDr.Sleep0 Posts: 0Member
    that extentions and shape reminds me that home made TARDIS from 5x11 :D
  • calamity_sicalamity_si1 Posts: 0Member
    Yeah thanks for pointing that out Dr. Sleep. That homemade Tardis was my initial inspiration for designing this in the first place. I liked the overall 'spinning top' shape but I just wanted it to look a bit more Daleky.
  • Dr.SleepDr.Sleep0 Posts: 0Member
    ItA’s as good shape as every else :D I always wondered, how TARDIS looks without chameleon circuit...
  • calamity_sicalamity_si1 Posts: 0Member
    Here ya go Dr S check this out, I think you'll like it! You'll certainly see where I got this from straight away. ;-)
  • colbmistacolbmista2 Posts: 0Member
    link doesnt work
  • SphynxSphynx195 Posts: 461Member
    It's a black square box maybe 2.5m on a side.
  • Dr.SleepDr.Sleep0 Posts: 0Member
  • calamity_sicalamity_si1 Posts: 0Member
    The Daleks have used their 'Dardis' to travel through time and space and return to Skaro. Because the Dardis is an unusual shape, I thought that it would be better to have it project an opening (kinda like a Stargate portal) rather than having a physical door. Potentially, this portal can be enlarged to let out thousands of Daleks at once or even a Dalek saucer! In this case, just a few of the first Progenitor Daleks are using it to return home.

    Attachment not found.

    By the way, I've fixed the previous link that was reported as broken, so please feel free to try it again!
  • Dr.SleepDr.Sleep0 Posts: 0Member
    back of one house has different top floor and form behind it has different texture of bricks... if it is not DARDIS... blow up whole street to be sure :D
    edit: oh... now I can see DARDIS in window and dalek in doors :D I was right! I saved the universe :D Can a get some cake now? :D
  • calamity_sicalamity_si1 Posts: 0Member
    LOL! Good job dude. Cup cake's in the post! LOL!
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