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3DRSSF Heisenberg - Max Plank class starship

dgeigerdgeiger0 Posts: 0Member
edited October 2010 in Work in Progress #1
After some years I've completely forgotten about my account here, I stumbled upon this site again and thought it would be a good place to post some pictures of my current work in progress: The RSSF Heisenberg, a Max Plank class vessel.

Having a few days off from work I had this crazy idea about a little story (I'm writing from time to time) and after seeing some guys having German flags on their upper arms in Stargate Atlantis a long while ago, I started to write it down. So...I needed a Stargate style ship, since it was a Stargate related story and so I started the RSSF Heisenberg, second starship of her class. As you will see, it is based on the BC-304 design with a few differences. Still a lot of details to add and to finalize the engines but I think it's a start.

More technical details to come...

And sorry in advance, if my english isn't that good. Its not my native language :rolleyes:
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  • zubruuzubruu0 Posts: 0Member
    Looking real good, keep going:) Carrier type? It has many hangar bays.
  • AresiusAresius352 Posts: 4,156Member
    Looks nice.
    Quite a heavy armour it has there.

    Hallo auch, nebenbei. ;)
  • JamesAprilJamesApril0 Posts: 0Member
    Hier rennen ja einige Deutsche rum XD
    Looks good so far.
  • dgeigerdgeiger0 Posts: 0Member
    Well it's a mixture of a carrier and a battleship. The big doors on the main hull connect to a hangar, used to store smaller craft like shuttles. The hangars on the secondary hulls are used for fighters. I think I'll come up with my own so no F-302's I think.

    Nothing big today. Played a bit with textures (nothing final), added some more armor, removed some armor to place some shieldgenerators and tuned the outside of the missile bays a bit. For size comparison, I've added this green character. It's about 1,90 meters tall.

    @Aresius: Because of the massive amount of armor (and that's only layer 1) I was thinking about renaming her to "In Armor Clad" ... just kidding.

    Hab mir schon gedacht, dass hier einige Deutsche unterwegs sind. Hallo auch von mir.
    1.jpg 160.5K
    2.jpg 143.3K
    3.jpg 202K
  • colbmistacolbmista2 Posts: 0Member
    looks like u jsut used the greeble plugin tool on the hull kinda ruins the look
  • dgeigerdgeiger0 Posts: 0Member
    Well then...any suggestions? I'm always open for hints to improve my work, that's why I'm posting images. :)
  • colbmistacolbmista2 Posts: 0Member
    make panels individually takes longer but the look is much better
  • Admiral DanevAdmiral Danev171 Posts: 0Member
    oh wow! that is awesome!
  • Bell'OrsoBell'Orso331 Posts: 0Member
    Awesome ship you got there, especially the fact that the main hangars go all the way from the front of the pods to the back. Only thing I don't really like is the ship and class name. A ship so obviously meant for war shouldn't be named for a scientist. How about "Tirpitz" instead? Just a suggestion, though. ;)
  • JamesAprilJamesApril0 Posts: 0Member
    Which program are you using for this?
  • AresiusAresius352 Posts: 4,156Member
    Sorry, am away on the weekends.

    Nice work here.
  • dgeigerdgeiger0 Posts: 0Member
    Nothing new at the moment. Just a bit of experimenting with the second layer of armor, protecting the critical spots and textures for the finished parts (Well..finished at the moment, I think or better: I hope. :D ) and I just wanted to say: Thank you for the replies. That tells me, that my direction isn't way off course. :lol:

    @JamesApril: I'm using Cinema 4D R11 for modelling and Photopaint for the textures.
    @Bell'Orso: Well I didn't want to use the classic battleship names like Tirpitz or Bismarck so I moved to scientists. It's still a long time to go till she is finished, so there may be (or may be not) a change of the names.
  • Bell'OrsoBell'Orso331 Posts: 0Member
    Well then here's another option: Politicians. And since Earth ships from the SG universe are still a long ways off from winning any beauty contests, there's already a certain lady that immediately comes to mind: Why not name her "Angela"? ;)

    Either way, let's have some updates, please! :)
  • colbmistacolbmista2 Posts: 0Member
    or amilia airhart
  • dgeigerdgeiger0 Posts: 0Member
    There's no thing in the world that would make me name this ship "Angie" :lol:

    Had to do something different yesterday. So I started with one of the auxiliary craft, precisely the cargo module for it. The cargo module is removable, so you can change for the needs of the mission.

    The first (exemplary) is the troop/vehicle/cargo module. Many details are still missing (like seats on the sides, lamps and other things). The textures are just placeholders. The final ones will have dirt and scratches on them.

    The APC on the inside was just a quick assembly to see if it'll fit. It's not a correct reproduction of the GTK Boxer. Only the measurements are correct.
  • Dr LeeDr Lee2 Posts: 0Member
    Oh. That. Is. SWEET!!
  • dgeigerdgeiger0 Posts: 0Member
    Okay...I've got some containers for the auxiliary craft, the rough shape of it (Not much to show at the moment) and got problems with fitting a decent cockpit into it, I thought about going the other way: Starting with the cockpit and making my way out to the hull. So, you'll find some screens of the cockpit attached.

    Seems like I'm way off course.... doing smaller auxiliary craft rather than going on with the big sis... :rolleyes:
  • colbmistacolbmista2 Posts: 0Member
  • Dr LeeDr Lee2 Posts: 0Member
    LOL @ the screens.... Looking good...
  • dgeigerdgeiger0 Posts: 0Member
    Found my way back to the big sis and decided to redo the armor plating. The plating of critical areas itself is mounted on impact dampers, made to reduce the impact force a bit to supplement the reactive armor. During devolpment of the class the engineers decided to rely not only on energy shielding (As many sci-fi shows tell us: Shields always fail when you need them :D ) and therefore invested many time and effort into the armor.

    The armor shown is just the undetailed layer one. More details to come. What do you think?

    And I played around with textures a bit. The doors of bay 1 got the alpha version of the battle worn variant.
  • AresiusAresius352 Posts: 4,156Member
    hey there, nice to see it again.
    Looks very nice to me.
  • JamesAprilJamesApril0 Posts: 0Member
    So I'm back home and am currently working on that shuttle I promised ya.
    Good work so far.
  • AresiusAresius352 Posts: 4,156Member
    welcome back then. :)
  • JamesAprilJamesApril0 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks a lot.
  • TopherFTopherF0 Posts: 0Member
    Any updates on this ship as it is amazing!
  • Bell'OrsoBell'Orso331 Posts: 0Member
    Hate to encourage necroing this, but I have to agree, it's amazing work so far and I too would like to see this continued.
  • erionmarina45erionmarina45-10 Posts: 14Member
    Beautiful 🤩
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