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3DCyberman (Future version from 'The Flood' Graphic Novel)

calamity_sicalamity_si0 Posts: 0Member
edited June 2010 in Work in Progress #1
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  • calamity_sicalamity_si0 Posts: 0Member
    This is the same design but in the standard Cyberman colour scheme.
    Attachment not found.
  • calamity_sicalamity_si0 Posts: 0Member
    Here's a shot of two Cybermen lackeys with their Cyber Leader!
    Attachment not found.

    Now listen guys, this post has been up for a few days now and I've really been looking forward to some feedback, anything good or bad! Have I been rewarded for my efforts? NADA! Am I doing something wrong? Are my efforts that unworthy of discuis? Come on, or I'll start crying! :confused:
  • AresiusAresius347 Posts: 4,145Member
    Been away for a while, sorry.

    They look a bit odd, but I have to confess, I haven't yet seen anything of the Matt-Smith-series.
  • calamity_sicalamity_si0 Posts: 0Member
    Aresius! Thanks for the response. Three points:

    1) Did you have a nice time away?

    2) I didn't design these Cybermen, and they're not from the Matt Smith Series. They're from the graphic novel called 'The Flood', featuring the eighth Doctor. Here's a screen cap of one of them from the comic: Attachment not found.

    3) You haven't seen the new Matt Smith series? You should! :thumb:
  • AresiusAresius347 Posts: 4,145Member
    1) No, not really, Had to deliver mum to a hospital. Her artificial hip-joint sprunk out of it's place...

    2) They still look odd. :P

    3) I will, a friend who's also a great Who-fan currently has my hard-drive, copying my entire stack of all episodes onto her own disk, while loading the newest parts onto my hard-drive.
  • calamity_sicalamity_si0 Posts: 0Member
    I do hope your Mum's ok. And as for these Cybermen, perhaps they do look a bit too weird. I guess that must be why no one else has bothered to reply. But it is upsetting when this happens. For me, this is the third time in a row that I've posted a model with very little response. I guess I should stop posting here altogether and just put all my work up on my own website...
  • AresiusAresius347 Posts: 4,145Member
    She's okay, the docs managed to relocate the joint in narcosis and the leg's now restrained in a cast, but else she's okay. She just has to restart rehab...
    Maybe it's just bad timing. I know that one Dr Who Fan from here is currently on vacation (dunno about the others tho).
  • calamity_sicalamity_si0 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks Aresius, I'm glad to hear your mum's ok.
  • AresiusAresius347 Posts: 4,145Member
    Just had the joy of watching all Matt-Smith Episodes up to Hungry Earth/Cold Blood.
    Sheesh! :shock:
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