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  • LockeFPLockeFP171 Posts: 0Member
    A very nicely done model! From the two hemisphere's at the rear of the ship, along with the engines, I get a distinct "Super Star Destroyer" feeling. Very cool. And your texturing is great: subtle, but depth and coloring are very well played.
  • Bell'OrsoBell'Orso331 Posts: 0Member
    Not liking the new nose and tail, sorry. It's just so not Tau'ri style.
  • meugen06meugen060 Posts: 4Member
    With all the turrets on,this will be a monster.
  • looks great - i echo the thoughts of SSD style heh + a bit of BSG (grilly bits down the side) and ancient (front has the same look to that cruiser design seen briefly in one of the episodes i think?)

    contrary to what bell says i think one can simply say its a future design not contemporary (just throw some asgard references in heh). It also has originality which most human designs lack (trying to keep it in keeping with the Daedalus)

    missiles all the way along the top there? I had wondered who kept some of the worlds missile firms in business lol.
  • japmejapme4 Posts: 0Member
    I'm back again!

    Massive overhaul underway...
    -Redid the neck trying for a more Tauri like feel... plus the long slopes where a pain to deal with...

    -Redid the nose

    -Redid the AAA and Railguns.

    lots of other tweaks and all...
  • meugen06meugen060 Posts: 4Member
    Yeeeeei Japme is back.This is a beautiful ship.Well done.
  • niraa67niraa67331 Posts: 17Member
    I love it now japme keep it up man:thumb:
  • Dr LeeDr Lee2 Posts: 0Member
    that looks awesome... Loving the detail on the weapons...
  • PheonixPheonix1 Posts: 0Member
    drool, drool! two thumbs up dude!
  • erionmarina45erionmarina45-10 Posts: 14Member
    The Tau’ri ships is beautiful 🤩.thank you
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